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  1. Hi Javiertoti, I've just given it a go with my samsung remote profile for my TV I used the XBMC controller in the Flirc GUI and it has programmed some stuff incorrectly. Vol up seems to work as expected on my mac Vol Down seems to be fine Mute is incorrectly mapped to i (it should be F8 but that's not listed in the official wiki so not sure it should even be an option) Apart from the mute error (which you've got spot on) I can't reproduce the vol up or vol down problem. If you open a notepad or something that accepts typed input, do any characters show when you press the buttons?
  2. You'll still need to pair the remote keys to flirc (even if it is one of those profiles) - have you done this?
  3. Not to my knowledge. I think there is only the XBMC one I don't even think the Harmony profile for flirc/xbmc has this function
  4. The Flirc profile is pre-paired with Flirc out of the box, so you are correct in that if you want to program it yourself then the easiest way is to use another profile. Boxee would be fine, as would a TV remote profile (that isn't the same brand as your TV). The pair the remote control buttons as before
  5. Have you tried looking on the thread with amazon fire? I think the guys there have been pretty successful with the combination:
  6. Try contacting Jason on support and he can troubleshoot it directly with you: http://flirc.tv/contact/
  7. This sounds like an issue with openelec (or rather the flirc module is fine) - have you tried asking them for some pointers, I think quite a few of them use flirc (I know the XBMC guys are big fans of Flirc)
  8. Hmm... you may need to increase the inter key delay: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201366933-Double-Key-Presses (Not sure how to do it via command line though, apologies)
  9. It seems like a really complicated way of achieving something flirc already does very simply. What app are you using?
  10. I'm a bit weak on SSH, i've always used the guides over on openelec forums or wiki. e.g. http://openelec.tv/forum/105-keyboards/39941-solved-update-keyboard-xml or http://openelec.tv/forum/12-guides-tips-and-tricks/887-guide-guide-for-ssh-within-openelec
  11. What would be the purpose for "seeing" the full IR packet? Why would you want to do it?
  12. Have you looked into the logitech hub and IR blaster? http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/harmony-ultimate-hub&KPID=289761100_en_GB?WT.mc_id=_DR_Q4_FY14_SERP&WT.srch=1&ci&gclid=CjgKEAjwkpacBRCNlprWw-u-nBwSJACwHiw-4ZUHPDyZ8RXNFhYrq4kYz4fttCLSs0aPpQN0K_mpDPD_BwE I have no personal experience with it but it gets mentioned a fair bit on the forums
  13. It would appear that there is a difference. I don't have a IR phone to try it on though i'm still a little surprised this is the case. Harmony remotes don't have a problem with flirc (and this is essentially what the S4 is acting as) Dumb question but when you are pairing the two is it a case that the phone and flirc are both expecting an IR input to store and assign to a key. So in actual fact neither of them are emitting anything
  14. I believe Flirc sends combinations all at exactly the same time. We had an issue with windows media centre and this kind of thing: Bad news: If it is this, I don't have a work around I can suggest. Sorry!
  15. Ah. OK, i'll leave you with support then :) (they'll probably be more helpful)
  16. It shouldn't really be going into DFU, sounds like an issue with the Flirc though i'm somewhat out of my depth now. Hit Jason up on the support page (http://flirc.tv/contact/) and he'll get your flirc working properly. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, Chris!
  17. Oops, my bad. Sorry! File --> Advanced --> Force Firmware upgrade Did this fix it?
  18. Try programming the flirc using the blaster in that room. It's possible that there are very subtle differences in the packets being sent or other sources of difference between the two rooms. Does your projector use IR at all? (some 3D systems use it for communicating with active glasses) Flirc's sensitivity is both an advantage and disadvantage sometimes
  19. How did you program it? Did you program it with the remote control's IR then use it with the blaster?
  20. That's definitely not working as expected, it shouldn't be doing that. Have you tried going into the file menu on the flirc GUI and clicking "upgrade firmware"? If this doesn't help we'll get you in contact with Jason and he'll sort you out :)
  21. It looks like there isn't a default keyboard button for bringing up the favourites menu, only moving items in it. If you're comfortable changing the XML file for XBMC you can add the functionality. Here's the xml file that ships with xbmc: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml The letter "g" doesn't appear to be in use by XBMC when browsing so we can add it into the "global" part of the XML file So find: <keymap> <global> <keyboard> <p>Play</p> <q>Queue</q> <f>FastForward</f> Then add in the favourites functionality: <keymap> <global> <keyboard> <g>ActivateWindow(Favourites)</g> <p>Play</p> <q>Queue</q> <f>FastForward</f> Save it, restart XBMC, map a key to "g" on flirc and it should work
  22. Chris!


    Yep :) Flirc learns the signal the remote send and then sends a keyboard press to a USB device (check out the video in my signature in case it helps)
  23. Hi treefu_derek, I don't have a Virgin TiVo remote to try this on but it is possible that the remote control is the slower one. Is it quicker when controlling the virgin box or is it about the same as Flirc? I'm just trying to confirm the remote isn't the cause before we try anything else Cheers, Chris
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