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  1. Since trying today it has gone ahead with its mind of its own and deleted numbers, 2,4,5,6,7 and some other mapped keys, but yet the key I am trying to delete WILL NOT ERASE. This is product is useless.. talking about releasing unfinished work to the public...
  2. after trying to delete this key for 15 minutes, it has now deleted other random keys. what kind of software do you call this.. its full of bugs!
  3. I have asked this before and never got an answer. I have made a mistake mapping a certain key and now I can't erase it!!! I click erase then press the button I want to erase on my remote.. it says erased but it hasn't. I don't want to have to map my whole remote again. I have tried over and over again and the button it still active. It's driving me mad!!!!!!!!!
  4. What I ended up doing was create a script which makes Media Center the active window with a click of a button. This has worked out better than a minimise action because no matter how many windows I have open I don't need to rely on Media Center being the previous active window. For example if I had these programs open in order of last being used: Chrome, iTunes, Word and Media Center - If I was to minimise Chrome then try and control Media Center I would be then active on iTunes as this would be the previous active window after Chrome. I would always have to make sure Media Center was the previous active window, which is not ideal. But now I have this script in place to make Media Center active no matter what with a click of a button everything is now working spot on just how I wanted it.
  5. Never mind.. I've just made my own script using Auto Hot Key. Works a treat now.
  6. Alt+space+n minimises the window which is active on your PC, so surely this it's a valid keyboard combination. Let me explain why I need this.. I have a TV and PC monitor connected to my PC. I use Windows Media Center on the TV and browse the internet and stuff on the monitor. Now for example, if I move away from the monitor and forget to move the cursor over to make Media Center the active window I will not be able to control it. I would then have to go and get the mouse then move the cursor over to the TV so Media Center is then active. Alt+Space+N solves this problem, I can do all my PC related tasks on the monitor, then not have to worry about remembering to move the cursor over to the TV. I would just simply press the mapped button for alt+space+N, the active window on the monitor would minimise then Media Center would then be active allowing me to control it.
  7. This is very frustrating all I want to do is map ALT-SPACE-N and your program won't allow it. For example if I select space-alt then as soon as I select N it will say recording stopped. I have tried selecting each key in different orders and it just keeps saying recording stopped. Another bug for example... deleting keys! it doesn't always work! it tends to work when you haven't mapped many keys, but as soon as you have pretty much mapped every key and you then make a mistake, you try and delete that key and and it doesn't even erase it, so you have to start all over again. I had to re-map every single button on my remote far too many times yesterday Simple things like this should be ironed out before releasing a product, This kind of behaviour is expected from beta software and testing products, not final release products which are widely sold on Amazon. I feel as if I have been cheated into buying a unfinished product.
  8. Hello, I am having trouble erasing the keys on my remote. I can't even program any new keys, I'm just stuck with the keys I originally programmed. I want to completely format the data on this device and start again but I'm unable to do so. I've tried everything on the forum nothing is working. The GUI erase button doesn't work, clear configuration nothing! I've gone to File > Advanced then unselected Builtin profiles, clicked "x" and it still doesn't work. I go back into Advanced and the Built-in profiles is still selected. There is no option for me to press OK after I unselected it. I have also tried forcing firmware update many times and the app just crashes. I have uninstalled all drivers and everything else related to this device, then reinstalled everything. Restarted the PC many times after reinstalling everything, and I'm still stuck with the original keys I mapped with no way to format them. What shall I do? I'm using Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit and a Samsung remote control
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