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  1. Many thanks for helping Koying. Additionally thanks for your contributions to XBMC :) @b4pjoe: Does it solve your issue?
  2. I'm getting more and more confused by this issue (not getting frustrated with you though). I'm intrigued to see if it works fine on Ouya (we'll see what koying finds). I can't understand why it wouldn't work on one android system the same as another. Would really appreciate other users input on this too. I'm sure we can get to the bottom of it.
  3. Hi doshch, welcome to the forums I'm pretty certain this isn't the case. Jason tests every one he sends out - rarely they turn bad but we don't leave customers hanging if they do. The software and firmware sometimes has it's quirks and we do respond to customer feedback - Flirc is a small project that we work on (in addition to full time jobs) though so it takes a bit longer. Some remotes toggle between frequencies - obviously flirc will need to know what frequency/frequencies you want to do what. Remote control examples include MCE remotes. Just checked this. Don't know why but it's mapped to "i" Incidentally I couldn't see a key for mute in the XBMC wiki, so it looks like we would remove the mute key. There isn't a chapter skip button but as you've figured out you can switch to keyboard view and do it there for the moment (Skip chapter forwards = "]" and back is "[") But after all this you're up and running?
  4. I agree with the people in the thread I link to though. It's weird that it is in Plex but they just hid it - maybe they thought it would cause confusion? Very strange
  5. I know i'm not much help as I don't have an android device to test this on but I've been in contact with one of the Team-XBMC members that has used Flirc with Ouya (android based) and they didn't remember having any problems mapping those buttons. What XBMC android version are you using?
  6. Yay! Free beer! ;) Don't worry, glad it solved it!
  7. Ah damn! I assumed Plex has the same stuff as XBMC (usually does share this kind of thing). Some more google-ing; turns out it is there but you're going to have to go into the xml setting: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/22022-using-arrow-keys-with-virtual-keyboard/#entry221144 Does it work?
  8. Have you tried a "beefier" power supply. In addition to Jason's comment, i'm around these forums quite a lot and not enough power seems to be the root cause of some unusual issues.
  9. This is an epic guide. I will have a more critical read though it when I have time. Nice work evilestegg
  10. In plex/xbmc: Settings --> input devices --> "remote control sends keyboard presses" Does this solve your issue?
  11. Cool. You can tell i'm not a windows users. Budwyzer's suggestion seems better (pat on the back for him!)
  12. I think you're getting confused. Flirc is a hardware product - they software does nothing without the flirc hardware. Also Flirc programming utility isn't available on android.
  13. Easy: Pair a button on your remote to a key combination in flirc. Assign this key combo to the app you want to open (see: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows7/create-keyboard-shortcuts-to-open-programs)
  14. Hi Alsfeld, welcome to the forums, I had a quick read of the user guide for the beo4 - sounds like a nice bit of kit. Where did you find out about the frequencies it uses?
  15. No worries :) We want Flirc to be useful to you.
  16. I'm still not sure about this issue. Unfortunately I don't have an android device I can plug my flirc into but it appears others haven't had the issues you've had. Perhaps this is device related. Which keymap did you put in the userdata folder?
  17. Unfortunately not. Where long-press functionality is mentioned in the beta's it relates to the ability for flirc to be more responsive and detect when you're scrolling (not pressing the button multiple times). I saw your post of the XBMC forums an hopefully someone can help - I can't think of anything at the moment but if I do i'll get back to you
  18. Wow, does seem like a bug. I don't recall it being reported before. Please report back after you do some more experimenting and i'm sure Jason will pick up on it at some point Thanks
  19. Hi evilestegg, welcome to the forums Just to check, how are you deleting the button? In the GUI you delete the button by pressing delete in the GUI then the button on the remote control. This then deletes the pairing off the Flirc. Is this what you are doing?
  20. Oh no! Flirc is usually quite resilient but sometime things can get corrupted. In addition to you reverting to stable firmware could you try clearing your configuration (file --> clear configuration). Re-upload the firmware and see if that helps. I can see how it's frustrating, it's not acceptable for Flirc to be doing this - we'll get you up and running :)
  21. If the harmony remote is set as a sony remote then we have probably found the culprit. You could try the lastest beta firmware too to see if that helps. It's unlikely to be an XBMC issue
  22. Hi selfdetruct, welcome to the forums, Switch to "fully keyboard" controller: Then choose the button on your remote that you want to be the contextual menu button, map this to "c" Does this answer your question?
  23. Not as yet I don't think but Jason has promised, he works very hard. The latest beta promises more features:
  24. Don't worry about it, glad I could help. Sounds good to me :) It's about to get easier in the future as Flirc actually has an activity in the harmony software (http://blog.flirc.tv/flirc-has-a-harmony-profile/) but i'm not recommending it yet as it's still in beta. Hopefully you can enjoy the nice bank holiday weather by staying in and watch stuff on your HTPC with Flirc ;)
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