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  1. i have the same issue. hopefully there will be new firmware soon. i dont know why i updated it really, it was working perfectly. i need to learn to leave things alone.
  2. ah that makes sense thanks.i will give it a go.
  3. yep fixed thankyou. can you tell me if its possible to scroll down on a menu holding a button on a remote ? i have alot of movies if i want to scroll to the end it takes along time.
  4. i have a xbmcuntu setup for my home theatre pc.i just got my flirc and mostly it works well.im trying to use the file manager to copy files from a flash drive to a usb hard drive.there is no context menu button on the remote.the xbmc wiki says "Select the files that you wish to work with. Then, press the C or ⊞ Win button on keyboard or guide on the remote". can someone tell me how to setup a guide button on flirc ?
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