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  1. Hmm, i'm a bit rusty on XBMC these days (no media center at the moment) - i've not heard of "star logo". Is it the favourites window mentioned in the wiki keyboard article? http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Keyboard_controls (The letter "D" or "U") Or is it mentioned elsewhere in that article?
  2. Couple of things to help us narrow down the issue (though I have an inkling as to what is causing it) 1) On your windows 7 computer does it exhibit the same behaviour as the chromebox when using flirc (not programming it) 2) Do you some times have to press a key twice for it to respond once (e.g. press left, nothing happens, press left again then it goes left) So sorry you're having issues
  3. Oh. Thanks for explaining guys :)
  4. Hmm - weird! Thanks for posting back. I got Jason to update the article anyway. I'm a bit rusty with XBMC shortkeys etc but According to http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Keyboard_controls - right click brings up the contextual menu so maybe try mapping a remote button to the "c" key on the keyboard.
  5. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out. We'll get that fixed ASAP. No. It should just work, as it appears to XBMC as a keyboard I'll ask Jason about the driver now.
  6. Seems strange though, isn't being able to talk into the remote the big feature of the amazon firetv?
  7. Hmm. It's probably a windows 7 driver issue, two things you can try: Try Flirc in another device (Mac, XP, Linux, PS3 etc). That way we can definately narrow it down to that particular machine. Try manually installing the driver for Flirc: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200984473-Manual-Driver-Installation Really sorry you're having issues with flirc
  8. Not very user friendly but it is possible
  9. Sounds like a good plan, I did try to keep the forums inline - I will admit my input into these forums isn't great these days :( Sometimes real life has to come first.
  10. Hi Bill, That is a suggestion that came to mind. The other solution would be to have two different profiles on you harmony remote, one or WMC and one for XBMC. I'm fully informed on the ins and outs of the "watch" function on the remote but imagine it would work. Does this help?
  11. Ah what?! I was last in the replies by seconds! Dagnabbit!
  12. Hi deigote, When you open the app, at the top of mac screen (near where "file" is) there is a "controller" submenu and you can choose between the various controllers: http://youtu.be/eGHVgoLfxzs?t=1m23s Is this what you mean?
  13. Wouldn't dream of it :) I usually take no reply to mean the issue has been solved, but we can continue
  14. Hmm, start a support conversation (http://flirc.tv/contact/) with Jason and he'll troubleshoot it with you personally. Make sure to include this thread link so he can see what you've already tried. Flirc shouldn't be behaving like this
  15. Thanks for posting the solution, i'm sure it'll help other users :)
  16. I found the openelec guide pretty helpful for this when I did it many moons ago - http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php/OpenELEC_FAQ#How_do_i_use_SSH.3F
  17. Oops, my bad. It was removed in RC 1 recently: Try a reprogram of flirc (if you haven't done it already) to see if it's having an odd moment we can't pinpoint
  18. Hmm.. there is a CLI command for increasing sensitivity (unless it's been taken out recently). Have you tired re-programming flirc to see if it makes any difference?
  19. Only Jason can comment on that but remember that this is really a one man development/CEO/etc gig so rest assured he's not slacking off - but somethings like time
  20. Have you tried turning on the noise cancelling? Also the dimly lit room scenario - have you tried turning electronic items in the room that may not be on during the day that maybe affected flirc at night?
  21. Is it sluggish on your mac too. (this way we can isolate the cause better)
  22. Hi dilpz213, sorry for the slow response, Flirc appears as a USB keyboard. If a USB keyboard works then flirc will too. You may need to do the once-only programming on another computer but once programmed it will work in anything that can work with a USB keyboard Maybe this video will help:
  23. I've always been led to believe it is to augment the camera input as IR provides depth information (i.e. the person is standing a meter in front of the wall so they are separate objects) In addition to the excellent solution posted by DEADPOOL, you can try the noise cancelation setting of flirc (in the GUI it's in file --> advanced settings). Probably the reason XBox one IR affects flirc and not other device is a balance that Jason has chosen for Flirc. He wanted great signal reception by Flirc (you can plug it into the back of a machine and it will work) but the trade off is likely increased chance of response to noise - more of a problem now next gen consoles have always on features
  24. Hi StephenR0 we've had issues in the past with WMC not liking flirc sending ctrl+b at exactly the same time, especially as it's responding your keyboard shortkey just fine The thread with the problem on is a bit old has more information on what Jason is doing with it: Sorry I don't have a more immediate fix Cheers, Chris
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