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  1. Finally solved it! It was nothing to do with the keyboard.xml file in the end. The keyboard language was set to 'ge' instead of 'gb' in the OpenElec OS settings. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi Jason, I'm using Cyberduck but am having problems connecting. I've entered the IP, username and pasword as you mentioned but it's not having it. Does SFTP have to be enabled on either my Mac or in XBMC? I've looked at a couple of seup guides and can't see any mention of this, thanks
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Jason. I'm afraid ssh in total new to me. Is it straight forward enough to do?
  4. Hi, I've been trying to set up Flirc using a One For All URC-7110 remote. I'm running OpenElec on my Acer Revo and it boots from an SD. I've got it up and running but some keys aren't working (the stop key is the main one I want to get working). I've plugged in my mac keyboard to test that the keys are working and they all do outside of XBMC but when it comes to controlling xbmc, some of them aren't working. Does this mean that I need to edit the keyboard.xml file? I've checked for the location of this file so I can edit it but I can only find a 'key maps' sub directory using the File Manager in XBMC. Assuming I need to, how do I go about finding and editing this file? Thanks
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