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  1. very very late update on this: newer firmware makes this much much better. Thank you, Jason, for the awesome product that flirc is and your continued support. I continue to recommend it as the best way to add IR capabilities to computers. Edit: just to add: switching on noise cancelling makes my FLirc hardly pick up any signals from my remote, whether learning or after learning without it on just controlling. It might just be that the remote that I am using sends codes that are hard to pick up with noise cancelling? anyway, I am a happy customer, I just wanted to add this if you are interested and I would test stuff if you'd like me to.
  2. Update: It seems to be my TV interfering, even more so in the dark. I am in contact with Jason on how to resolve this.
  3. Update: (I did open a support conversation and haven't heard back yet, which is totally ok, I know that Jason is the sole developer and I think he does an awesome job responding personally very often in the forums) I tried around a lot the past couple of days and it seems that how well lit the room has only little influence over my problem. (I haven't found a way to change the thread title, maybe I'm just blind) There seems to be a general sensitivity "problem" with my flirc. It just doesn't respond well to short key presses at certain times, while at others it does perfectly. Very untechnically speaking it seems to need a pause and wants to be left alone sometimes, then it comes back a few seconds afterwards and starts responding again. It does not then issue the commands received in the meantime, as you sometimes experience with various programs when the processor is taxed too much. Setting the interkey delay to 0 seems to help a little bit but doesn't get rid of the issue completely and results in double presses, so I changed it to 1. However, these "pauses" do more often occur if I send commands from a position not directly in the line of sight, and can sometimes be broken out of by pointing at the flirc directly, which led to my previous description of the problem. Thank you for your attention! Any help is very welcome. Still I repeat that while this is inconvenient it is not a deal breaker for me.
  4. So: I tried around again with my USB-keyboard and came away convinced that Sony just doesn't allow for these transporter commands to be issued by USB-keyboard. (USB dongles with IR receivers that are sold as PS3 accessories seem to mimic a controller, not a keyboard, something that creates problems of its own for people who choose them.) Deadpool, I seem to recall you mentioning a friend or family member that uses flirc on a PS3 in another thread. If that's true, could you just confirm with them that they also didn't find a solution? Thank you in advance!
  5. OK, thank you. I will do that. As I said, it's not too bad though. Still love my flirc!
  6. So I did format the flirc and learned all buttons again, the results are the same. For good measure I also tried to learn with noise reduction enabled, this wasn't possible for some buttons, even being very close to the flirc. So I reformatted again and learned again without nr. If you have any more ideas, I'm open to try them. Thank you!
  7. I see. With reprogram you mean format it an learn all the buttons again? Will try to do this in the next days when I have time. Thank you!
  8. Hmm. Which one would that be? Thank you for your help! I get the following commands: delete Delete next remote button flirc sees from saved database delete_index Delete button at index displayed in `flirc_util settings` dfu Kick in or out of Device Firmware Upgrade mode dump Dumps contents of eeprom to console format Remove all saved buttons from flirc help Show this help. Also try `help <command>` interkey_delay Test run command keys Shows the recorded remote keys and their pairings loadconfig Load configuration file from disk to flirc noise_canceler Noise canceler to prevent phantom presses normal Put flirc in normal user mode peek Peek EEPROM address profiles enable or disable built in profiles reboot Displays all the devices current settings record Record infrared buttons and link them to HID keys record_api Advanced button recording saveconfig Save configuration file to disk settings Displays all the devices current settings sleep_detect Turns on sleep/suspend detection space Displays information about the space used and remaining status Last Flirc Status upgrade Uploads new firmware image to flirc hardware version Print the application version and device version if connected wait Waits for the device to be plugged in (used for scripting)
  9. Thanks for the answer Chris! I have tried noise cancelling and it doesn't seem to change anything. No other devices either, but checking that was a good suggestion. I have a new theory though: At night we often roll up in blankets at this time of the year and I guess they will lessen the reflection of our surroundings. The funny thing is that sometimes the AVR blinks as it recognises a remote press (it does so even when it doesn't react, I use the directional keys for flirc which don't do anything for the AVR while not in a menu) and the Mac doesn't react, even when I'm right in front of the flirc. It seems to me that this happens when I don't press the button all the way down or at a slight angle. I tried to learn this "slight press" but it doesn't seem to give a different signal, flirc GUI says "button already learned" It's not too bad really. I just thought that I maybe missed some command for the CLI to increase sensitivity and was a bit surprised that the AVR picks the signal up more easily. Really love the Flirc and just wished I had found it before I spent weeks unsuccessfully trying to find a universal remote I liked.
  10. Thanks deadpool! I had already found that post and this is where I took the working keys from. L/R1 and 2 seem to work only in browser mode though and while I can get by with the directional keys in DVDs they don't do anything in blurays besides navigating the menu. That's why I ask if anyone found keys for this. Thanks!
  11. Remote being used Onkyo RC-707M (came with HT-R518) Flirc used on a Macbook Pro and a PS3 next to each other so plugging/unplugging can be done while inserting a disc and doesn't really add effort. Pros Use your AV-Receiver remote with any device. I really liked mine plus couldn't find an easy way to setup other universal remotes in a way that reproduced the ease of use for controlling my AVR. Awesome device. Great idea very well executed! Future proof! USB keyboards are here to stay I guess. Cons Functionality depends a bit on the remote you want to use (repeating, holding keys). I tried a couple of remote codes for mine and found one that works as I like. Not expect too much for controlling the PS3, it doesn't take all transporter commands via USB-keyboard. (This is obviously not Flirc's but Sony's fault) Hopes Love that Jason plans to add support to bind holding a remote key to another key than short pressing it. Overall Awesome device!
  12. I setup my flirc in a way that I can use it with my Mac(xbmc) and my ps3. I get direction and thumb keys as per this: Esc = Circle. F1 = Triangle. F2 = Square. F3 = Select. F4 = Start. Enter=X In DVDs I can also ff and rew with the direction keys but this does not work with blurays with the fancy menu. I tried around with my USB keyboard and couldn't find any other keys the ps3 reacts to while playing blurays. Does anyone know whether there are keys that the ps3 reacts to or is this a hard limitation by Sony? Thank you very much!
  13. Hi board, I received my flirc last week (very fast delivery!) and am quite happy. One thing I noted is that it is very sensitive (perfect I'd say) at daytime but at night I have to point my remote very specifically in the right direction. [update: this description doesn't capture the problem really, see my for a better one.] (The av receiver picks the signals up much more easily and I thought it would be the other way around) Can I try something to optimise this? Noise cancelling is off and inter key delay at 3. Thank you and thank you Jason for this device! Update: It seems to be my TV interfering, even more so in the dark. I am in contact with Jason on how to resolve this. Update 2: The cause of my problem was interference from my Plasma TV. Jason was very helpful in troubleshooting this with me, in the end he even sent me makeshift shades to remedy the problem. Even though this didn't resolve the issue perfectly I can live with pointing the remote fairly directly at the Flirc - hey, this is how most remotes work anyway. For anyone having similar problems: try to cover your flirc with shades, for example made from exposed film. This might reduce IR-interference. Also, use a 'dark' skin for XBMC or whatever software you are using if your TV is a plasma - the problem is naturally worse the brighter the screen is. Update 3: While my plasma still interferes and line of sight is still required with it on, it has become very much better with newer firmware for the Flirc. Continued support and improvements for great hardware, what is not to like?
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