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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm in the midst of a server rebuild, so please don't interpret my slow reply as loss of interest...
  2. Hi, I'm new to Flirc, so assume I've missed something obvious. I programmed the Flirc on my Mac for XBMC (using the pre made template in the flirc software). When I plug the Flirc into my RaspberryPi (running OpenElec with a dev build of Gotham), I notice the response time to key presses is very slow (close to a second sometimes), and there is a long delay before another key press will be recognized. Is this expected? The same remote (rc6) works quickly with the ir receiver that came with the remote. Sorry to tack on another question, but: I also noticed the Flirc pre made template for XBMC does not include some of the buttons I used on the remote, so some of the buttons do not work, or do not perform the same function. Wondering if there is an updated template for Gotham? Thanks!
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