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  1. Hi Jason I know, you work hard. But my requests are unanswered for months now. Should I ask you every day the get answer?
  2. Hi Jason I know, you work hard. But my requests are unanswered for months now. Should I ask you every day the get answer?
  3. Hi Jason I would like to use the Skip 1s. On my Mac I use Audirvana for music playback. This app needs Remote Buddy. Without that, the Skip 1s is not able to control Audirvana. When will this be possible?
  4. Hi there My remote is near my Mac, because I hope I can use it soon after an update. Until now it's for months not possible to use it, because my amp can't be controlled with the Skip 1s. There are several commands missing. Whan can I hope to use my remote?
  5. Hi Jason Did you find a solution?
  6. SkipApp 09.92: When I change an activity with the wizzard, all manually assigned commands are removed from the buttons. This makes only sense for removed devices, but not for still existing devices. Please save the manually assigned commands, so we don't have to assign them again and again.
  7. I notice the same problem: batteries are empty very soon with very little use. Does it use current, when it's not used?
  8. Hi Jason I just tested the new .json file: Thank you! The Volume works now. The Power Toggle works not yet as it should. What I found out: When I press the Power button once, it works. Pressing it the second time, it doesn't work. But it works if I press another button before pressing the Power button the second time. It seems to me, that the T+A needs something like a clearing to be able to work with the toggle command for the second time. Thought about the toggle function in general: The Power button on the remote is divided in On and Off. Would it be possible to give this option to every button? This would solve the problem of flipping back and forth with other commands, as we have it for the T+A and maybe other devices. The second function of a button would only be executed, if there exists a command. If empty, the button works normal. Looking forward to your answer.
  9. Hi there In the buttons panel, we have 1 icon for 5 buttons. To make easier to see where a command is assigned to, I propose 5 different icons that put the button in gray, that is used for a specific command.
  10. I already asked the same question. All shortcuts on Mac are grayed out and don't work.
  11. Yes, I have the same problem. Play Pause Toggle should work with one button. Toggle works with the Power button. Why shouldn't it work with the Play / Pause button that has exactly the icon for Play and Pause? Same for Forward / Skip Forward and Reverse / Skip Back: Pressing the button one time skips, holding the button goes forward or backward.
  12. Hi again Could you find solutions for the code? Would be nice to be able to use the Skip Remote.
  13. Hi again Could find solutions for the code?
  14. Hi Jason I had finally the time to check your file. Everything works … exept Play Pause Toggle: It starts playing, but doesn't pause on second click. I checked, if this command would work from other NAD CD players in your list, but couldn't find one, that works. Please correct this problem. Thank you!
  15. Thank you, Nathan. Jason wrote, that he was in hospital. The original remote has 1 button for mute / unmute.
  16. Oh, I hope you are well now. I look forward hearing from you Take care Alexander
  17. For almost 2 months I haven't heard from you. Can you correct the code please? Thank you
  18. Hi there For more than 1 month I haven't heard from you. I can't use my remote, because code is missing for my Cambridge Audio EDGE A. That's annoying. Please complete the code. Thank you
  19. Hi there I haven't heard from you for 1 month. Could you check my .json file meanwhile? Thank you
  20. Hi Jason Hope, you are well. I tried to compile the NAD C542 according to what I wrote in my last post. Please check, if formating is correct. After including it in the next version, I will test it again. NAD - C542.json
  21. That would be great, if it would be possible to export the Harmony codes and import them into the Flirc App.
  22. Hi Jason I know, you are working hard. Is that thread maybe forgotten? Could you please resume it, so I can use my Skip 1s?
  23. As I understand it, we have to click a button, what opens a field, where we drag the command from the left side into it. Would it be possible, to drag the command directly to the button, so we could save one step? Clicking on the button would have still the same function as now.
  24. This version is still not working with macOS 10.14
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