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  1. No idea. But I do love your food. I thank the people in that neighborhood everyday for the cockfights they have out back so that I can get my chicken on the cheap. =D
  2. Not to hijack this guy's thread further, but if that thing works decently with my tablet's chrome, it may be worthwhile. Then it would be like Yatse + XBMC but without having to boot up my dang FrankenPC. EDIT* Nevermind, not seeing anything to just stream videos from my network through my tablet and onto the device. Oh wait what? We need a whole thread about that thing so people understand what it is. Chris can you do that and move these posts there so we can leave this guy's setup thread alone? lol
  3. Motherboard compatibility issue? That's the only thing I've seen that has caused something like this. Other than that it may be a result of that newest GUI software.
  4. Very nice media stand there. I bet you blew your parents' minds with the whole downloading movies thing. Running an old PC of mine for now while I wait for Utilite to launch. The thing just seems like a beefed up Pi, so porting over should be simple enough for those with the know-how
  5. Here's that link to the thread about using a controller with the on-screen keyboard. Linking it because it points to a file-path that holds GUISETTINGS.XML , which is probably in the same location as the keyboard.xml http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/22022-using-arrow-keys-with-virtual-keyboard/#entry396008
  6. Definitely sounds that way. Sorry it took so long to troubleshoot, but you see why it's best to troubleshoot than just jump to defective, i hope. Just PM Jason. Actually I mean, contact him here support@flirc.tv
  7. Downloads page Though, again, I have no idea if the firmware is down-gradable.
  8. Press different buttons then. :P Kidding, sort of. Really though, it worked fine when I programmed mine on Win 7 64-bit. But that was with an older firmware. Try grabbing an old firmware and programming under that, then upgrade it. Your settings should be kept, justin case (hehe) go ahead and save a copy to the desktop or something before you upgrade. Can the firmware even be downgraded? Don't see why it couldn't.
  9. This is dead. It was due to a bug that caused it to think there were no more empty key slots. Could it be deleted?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong. But I believe the new GUI has the button light up function, so you can always go through pressing each button on the keyboard view and see which ones light up as you press them? ACK, just realized what your post said, Chris, about using a text program. I like that better. 'Tis what I get for reading posts while working. :P
  11. wait, so you programmed it with your "LG TV Remote" ( still don't know the model on this), and then you're plugging the Flirc into this Bose thing that you're expecting it to pass the keyboard commands along to your HTPC and control XBMC with it?
  12. What OS/version? What remote exactly? Does your Flirc show up in your Hardware manager? If it doesn't then it sounds like a bad unit. If it does, then this sounds like one of those remotes that sends out a pre-code before the actual arrow key, in which case it's sending out UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT all at once and I have no idea how that would prioritize and simply do one of those or if it would queue them all up and cancel out. Does your remote have DVD/TV/SAT/AUX button(or swtiches)? If so, which one are you using? Nevermind on the XBMC thing, since you're seeing the problem persist into notepad (which means you're running Windows I guess), and the settings was a Plex thing I was thinking of. This does seem to line up with the sensitivity thing that showed up awhile back. http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/46-directional-keypresses-mixing-up/?hl=xbmc#entry3531 The OP there reported most keys stopped with a different setting, so maybe yours needs to be changed.
  13. Are you sure you're tying the remote buttons to the proper keyboard functions? What player are you using in attempt to play whatever media it is that you're playing? (haha that was fun) Just start with Arrow keys. Map Up,Down,Left,Right on your remote to the appropriate keyboard keys and attempt to navigate around your media application. Don't know what you mean by "learning mode" exactly, I'm assuming you mean the graphical interface is up and you clicked a button and mapped a key to it. Not a lot to go on here.
  14. That sounds like a faulty device. Best bet is to contact Jason and get it replaced, if he hasn't already emailed you and gotten it taken care of that is.
  15. Sweetness! I've actually had this problem as well but having a mini keyboard as a back up I always just forgot about it as soon as I was done typing in something to search! Thanks Chris!!
  16. One thing to note (and I just though of when you said that Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green have no keyboard counterpart), I have noticed that they do weird things in Plex when I press the colors and I just realized that it is probably because they're mapped to the letters they show on the controller side, A B X Y. Dunno if you mentioned it in your guide here as I don't have Eventghost and pretty much just skipped to commenting. :P Nice work though, I'm actually interested in Eventghost now. Thanks.
  17. While this does work, it has the issue of opening a second instance of whatever program you use it for. I'm at work and haven't tested it with XBMC, but I did try it with another program I have here on my desktop at the moment. This is why I am a proponent of the "Win+1" method (replace 1 with whatever number the program is on your taskbar at the bottom, for me Plex is the first program I have after the Start button). This combo will start up that program and if you hit it while in it it will do one of two things: 1) bring up the taskbar so you can move your mouse around and bring up another program if you want, or 2) if there is a popup like Anti-Virus programs like to do pressing this key again will bring your XBMC or whatever back to the front.
  18. so that I can get a popup on my phone, every time I visit the site on it, to buy some lame app? Please don't. Smart phones and tablets are just fine at displaying websites these days. When viewing a forum, double tap on the chat area and it will auto-adjust the view to maximize that area.
  19. Yep, it was probably that. Unfortunately my selective hearing, which I've developed over years of marriage, has also crept into my reading thanks to texting. And so now I also have selective reading, which I can't seem to turn off. :P
  20. Even if XBMC captured it as soon as it entered the machine, it could still be done beforehand by the FLIRC, because that's the hardware that decides what exactly gets sent as inputs as keyboard commands. I'm starting to wonder if all of these things that it needs to do will eventually go beyond the physical limitations of the device. Though I remember Jason saying somewhere that he's built a version2.0 of the FLIRC and will be shipping that out instead. Otherwise all these extra functions will force the software to have to run as a service on the PC instead of within the FLIRC itself, which would open a whole new can of worms as there would need to be a service for Win, Mac, and Linux. And BTW, your English is far superior to many people that call it their first and only language. So, props guy!
  21. Remote being used Vizio Smart TV Remote Pros + Super simple Graphical User Interface for easy setup + Capable of 160 recorded buttons, programmed in an entire QWERTY keyboard along with arrows and some others. + Is programmed in the hardware, so it is moveable between devices without having to be reprogrammed. + Usable on multiple Operating Systems, even android. As long as they support basic keyboard inputs, this device can work. Cons - Still a few bugs (April 1st 2013), but the biggest one that was limiting programmed keys to 30 instead of the full 160 has been fixed. - No way to keep track of what remote button is programmed to what key, (yet). - I only have 1. Overall It's an astounding little product that is slowly making its way into every home and business that wants to control a PC-type device with an existing remote. Incredibly easy to use, and eliminates the potential for remote clutter.
  22. Then back to what we've both said, what program are you using this for? If it's just stock system volume for things like media player applications then this may help. You will have to create hotkeys with Alfred and tie them to these scripts, wherever you put them, then tie the Flirc software to said hotkeys.
  23. Did you try it with the XBMC remote? No idea what the actual code is there, but I don't have a mac, so it's the only thing I can come up with.
  24. I know it's been a while, so you may not be here anymore. Have you tried one of those extenders with a gamepad, like the Logitech F710? Or anyone else tried it?
  25. Made it a URL, but I'm pretty sure I'm not where near that 160 limit. Does key combinations take a key each? IE: Win+1 = 2 keys? Anyway, I've got: Win+1 = 2 (assuming) Up Down Left Right Vol UP Vol Down OK = Enter Info = I Exit = Escape Back = Backspace channel UP = Page up Channel down = page down rewind = rewind in XBMC remote Fast forward Stop Pause Play Yellow = C That's only 20, that should easily leave enough room for 26 characters + 10 numbers. No need for shift, searching isn't ever case sensitive. Yet, when I try to do this I run out of room. I'll try again this evening.
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