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  1. It's checked. Would unchecking it revert the control to the Harmony profile?
  2. The think is that this is my first time using the Flirc GUI to program my remote. I originally set it up using Logitech's software. After deleting some drivers I found Flirc GUI to be the only way to use my remote. It's not really a bother considering I can program it to the way I had it with Logitech's Flirc profile, but can anybody tell me why I can't use the Harmony software anymore?
  3. Ok I managed to get Windows to receive commands by programming the remote through the Flirc application. I suppose it's just as good as the profile on MyHarmony software.
  4. I followed the instructions found here: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201160137-Device-Disconnects-When-Pressing-Remote-Button and I uninstall everything under libusbk, and deleted their drivers. I scanned for hardware changes and I now only have Flirc (interface 1) under libusbk, and under HID keyboard, but it still won't pickup commands.
  5. Under libusbK USB Devices the following are installed: flirc (Interface 0), flirc (Interface 1), and USB Receiver (Interface 2). The USB receiver is my Logitech wireless keyboard USB receiver. The driver version for Flirc is I unforunately can't test flirc on another computer as I only have one computer available.
  6. Under libusbk devices I show Flirc, Flirc Interface1, and a second device. The second device I believe is my wireless Logitech keyboard. I'm not home at the moment so I can't tell you the name that shows for the second device. Can I fix this?
  7. I am running Kodi on a Windows 8 machine, and use a Harmony Smart Control to navigate. After working fine for several months my Flirc seemed to stop receiving commands. Any button press was ignored. The receiver also failed to receive commands when in Windows' start menu. I used to use it to enter my PIN to login, but now that won't even work so that tell me it's not a software issue, at least not related to Kodi. I reinstalled Windows, and that was of no help. I used the Flirc utility to upgrade the Flirc firmware to 3.4, that didn't help. I used Zadig to upgrade the driver to libusbk, but that fixed nothing. Last time I had a similar problem I fixed it by downloading libusb1.0.dll and placing it in my syswow64 folder, but I already tried that again and it didn't help. What can I do? Edit: The Flirc software does state Flirc is connected, and I'm able to record commands. I tried programming a universal remote, and I was able to record commands, but my computer fails to receive the commands.
  8. I went ahead and set it up using the MyHarmony web interface, and it's ready to go. I only need help with a couple of things. First, how I can program the power button to shut down my TV when under a different device on the remote? I figured out how to control the TV's volume though the web interface, but not the power button. And another thing, the home button, is it possible to somehow program this in to the remote? I know the button is available in the Flirc GUI, but that would mean having to reset the remote in order to make it work right? I would find it useful for the menu button to link home.
  9. This is what I want. I want to be able to turn off my TV using the power button when under the aux device button (programmed to XBMC). How can I do that? When I select the power button on the control through the Harmony website I am not given the option to assigning the button to my TV the way I am with the volume buttons. Any help? Thank you. Also, any chance of making "menu" the home button? I'm on a Rasperry Pi by the way.
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