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  1. Can you set up a key to run a macro to do this? 1) WinKey + X (opens the 'WinX' menu or 'Power User' menu) 2) U (selects the 'shut down or sign out' from the list) 3) U (selects 'Shut down' from the list.) You need to press U twice after the WinKey + X, and if one program hangs and keeps Windows from shutting down, you might need to be be able to send simple keyboard 'Enter' and cursor key commands to navigate the 'shutting down' prompts.
  2. Howdy! I would like to have my Flirc USB automatically switch between saved configurations depending on which program is in focus on my Win 10 PC. More Info: I am using a Flirc USB on my Win 10 media center PC with the full keyboard GUI. I control the media center with a small wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as a simple Apple TV 2nd gen remote and a Harmony 650 programmable remote. On the Harmony, I have saved devices like a Yamaha BluRay player or a Denon AV receiver with their gazillion button remotes so that a signal for 'Miracast' or 'Phono Input' goes to the Flirc and the Flirc reads it as "Alt+L" or "Shift +R", while the Harmony remote's display actually shows 'Full Screen" or 'Next Subtitle". I use different media players on my PC for different things. Plex for most home video, Potplayer if I need a lot of control, VLC if PotPlayer has issues, AIMP for most MP3 and FLAC music, iTunes for my Podcasts. Each of these have different key combinations for some commands. Example: the 'L' key will cycle the subtitle forward in Plex, but it brings up tthe subtitle on-screen menu in PotPlayer, and in VLC it changes the video to loop/repeat or play normally. I have been spoiled by using 'gaming' peripherals from Corsair, Logitech and Razer that have software that automatically changes the keyboard / mouse profiles depending on which program is in focus. Is there a way to have Flirc software do this automatically as well? Or if not, is there a way to set up a macro with the Flirc to switch to a specific configuration? I would then save (EDIT) a macro to load a specific configuration. Thanks in advance!
  3. Follow up: I just got my Flirc USb device and an early Apple TV remote to use with it. The Apple remote is nice, at $12 dollars seems to be a good (very simple) remote to use with it. I have volume, skip, pause, fullscreen and mute set up. I wouldn't mind a FEW more buttons, perhaps to switch audio and subtitle tracks and a few other things. Does anyone have experience with the newest Fire TV 4K remote? Is it of decent quality to justify buying it? I am still looking for a simple to use, small remote with maybe 10-15 buttons max. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. I am able to set up simple single keypresses to my Flirc (using a 2nd gen Apple TV remote at the moment) but I would like to set up long presses of the remote to do different things but these require multiple keypresses. I have set up Harmony remotes for myself and friends, and have used software to program Logitech, Corsair, Razer and Belkin keyboards and mice, but I cannot get the Flirc (Windows GUI) to save long presses or multiple keypresses. Is there a tutorial on using the software to do these things? Perhaps a Youtube user who has made advanced tutorials? The FAQ on this site is useful for basic things but does not show how to do what I would like. Thanks in advance!
  5. I just got an Apple TV remote (silver with black dial and Menu & Play/Pause button) and set it up in Windows using Keyboard keys. For PotPlayer, I have the black ring D-pad as arrows (skip and volume), the center button as Pause (space), the play button as fullscreen (enter) and the menu button as Mute (M). I would think that it would be similar in Kodi. Can you program it in Windows or MacOS and save the configuration to the Flirc?
  6. I am planning on getting a Flirc USB unit for my Windows 7 media center PC. (soon to be Windows 10 when Win 7 support is end of life'd in 2020) I would like to use it with something simple that would control play/pause, skip ahead/back, and volume. Mouse movement and left-right click would be a bonus but not 'needed'. I do NOT want keyboard keys. (I have a few bluetooth keyboards and mice already) I also have a Harmony 650, but want something smaller and simpler. What is a good, simple remote with basic media navigation buttons I could buy and use with a Flirc? A 2018 Fire Stick 4K with volume buttons? ($30) A Roku remote? ($18 for the older no-headphone model on Amazon) Older Apple TV remote with D-pad? ($12 on Amazon) Others? Do presentation remotes work as media center remotes? Any good ones of those? Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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