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Switch configurations based on the player/program I am using?


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Howdy! I would like to have my Flirc USB automatically switch between saved configurations depending on which program is in focus on my Win 10 PC.

More Info:

I am using a Flirc USB on my Win 10 media center PC with the full keyboard GUI. I control the media center with a small wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as a simple Apple TV 2nd gen remote and a Harmony 650 programmable remote. On the Harmony, I have saved devices like a Yamaha BluRay player or a Denon AV receiver with their gazillion button remotes so that a signal for 'Miracast' or 'Phono Input' goes to the Flirc and the Flirc reads it as "Alt+L" or "Shift +R", while the Harmony remote's display actually shows 'Full Screen" or 'Next Subtitle".

I use different media players on my PC for different things. Plex for most home video, Potplayer if I need a lot of control, VLC if PotPlayer has issues, AIMP for most MP3 and FLAC music, iTunes for my Podcasts. Each of these have different key combinations for some commands. Example: the 'L' key will cycle the subtitle forward in Plex, but it brings up tthe subtitle on-screen menu in PotPlayer, and in VLC it changes the video to loop/repeat or play normally.

I have been spoiled by using 'gaming' peripherals from Corsair, Logitech and Razer that have software that automatically changes the keyboard / mouse profiles depending on which program is in focus.

Is there a way to have Flirc software do this automatically as well? Or if not, is there a way to set up a macro with the Flirc to switch to a specific configuration? I would then save (EDIT) a macro to load a specific configuration.

Thanks in advance!

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