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  1. See if this will help you: Macro Usage Yeah, the forums don't seem very useful, lately :(
  2. In trying to achieve additional functionality with an Android TV/Amazon FireTV app called "Channels," one of the devs suggested the following: flirc_util record_api 2 0 156 flirc_util record_api 2 0 157 That doesn't behave normally with flirc_util version 3.20.3 on my Linux Mint 17 (Qiana) MATE machine. The app developer wrote back "There’s supposed to be a third undocumented prefix parameter but it’s not working. I’ve reached out to the flirc dev about it." Anybody here have any clues as to what this is all about? (Lord, this is horrible forum software :(.)
  3. I was just getting ready to write "Never mind. End-user error." :)
  4. Flirc GUI Version: v3.20.3 on Linux Mint 17 (Qiana) MATE Trying to do some reprogramming. When I try to erase a given button, I click "erase", then the button I want erased, and get "Erasing cancelled". The erase does not occur, as confirmed by trying to learn something else on that button. Whereas if I File -> Clear Configuration I can. So, it appears to be the only way to change a mapping is to clear the entire config and start over?
  5. Lacking any feedback, I finally simply tried what I'd hoped to be able to achieve and verified, for myself, that it will not work.
  6. I'm using Home Theater Master MX-500 universal remotes with Amazon Fire TVs (v2) and Xiaomi MiBox 3's. One app we're using on both is the Channels client app. A couple of functions, commercial skip and last channel are handled by rapid key-presses (D-pad "right" and "enter," respectively). We can't key them consistently. So I was thinking "Hmmm... Flirc macros." What I'd hoped to be able to do is have the remote's "next chapter" (>>|) cause the Flirc to emit two D-pad "right"s and the "previous chapter" (|<<) to emit two D-pad "enter"s, but I want the D-pad's "right" and "enter" to function normally. If I'm reading the flirc_util documentation properly, it looks like this is not going to be possible, but I'm not certain. Btw: Is Macro Usage -> Example 1: "hello" correct? It show repeated use of "flirc_util record <letter>", as opposed to "flirc_util record <letter>", followed by multiple "flirc_util record_macro <letter>"s.
  7. Got my answer, complements of @yawor: http://blog.flirc.tv/index.php/2018/09/14/new-linux-repo/ Thanks, yawor!
  8. *bump* Still going on. (Or not going on, I guess one could say.) I've removed the Flirc repos from my software sources. Wondering if this is going to be fixed?
  9. There was a Flirc update just a few days ago, I think. Now I'm getting Failed to fetch https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/source/Sources HttpError429 Failed to fetch https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages HttpError429 Failed to fetch https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-i386/Packages HttpError429 Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. When I go to the download link it shows 3.20.2 is available. I'm at 3.20.1. Recommendation?
  10. Hi All, I've got a Home Theater Master MX-500 [set to a Replay TV code set] controlling a Gen. 2 Fire TV via a Flirc. On another forum made a passing reference to using number buttons on a remote with either an Amazon Fire TV or Android TV streaming device. A request for details went unanswered. So that's the question: Can it be done and, if so, how to go about it? Thanks!
  11. I had this same problem with a Flirc on a MiBox, using a Home Theater Master MX-500 with the device set to a NEC TV code set. Disabled the built-in profiles. Problem solved.
  12. Remote being used Home Theater Master (Universal Remote Control) MX-500 Pros + Was easy to program/configure + Has a really nice Linux programming/configuration utility + Worked "right out of the box" + Flexible + Good community support Cons - None (yet?) Overall Being used on a Xiaomi MiBox (Android TV) streaming device because it's native IR appears to be incompatible with the MX-500. Configured one of the MX-500 device pages for a NEC TV IR set, trained the Flirc to it, plugged the Flirc into the MiBox, and bang: Can now control the MiBox, along with all the other HT gear, from the one universal remote. Worked so well I almost wish I needed more of them. Heck, I may buy another to have around "just in case" :)
  13. Did some more experimentation. Tried using a Hitachi (I think it was) code set on the Flirc. Same behaviour. Hmmm... Tried using a different NEC code set. Yup: Same thing. (Btw: As well as the GE/Jasco's "ok" button producing a Right Move on the MiBox, the Right Move button produced two Right Moves.) Then, leaving the Flirc plugged in, I blinded it by stuffing it behind the cabinet. Behaviour went away. So I'm guessing there's some "native" programming in the Flirc that's causing this?
  14. Trying it again. MX-500 Move Right :e:28181 0,1065,413,609,1031,609,413,583,759,623,1018,608,413,609,409,608,1330,587,435,609,409,608,1037,608 :e:13 0,1070,409,608,1032,609,413,609,733,608,1036,609,409,608,413,608,1331,608,409,613,409,608,1032,609 :e:13 0,1043,435,609,1031,609,409,612,734,608,1032,612,409,609,409,608,1330,613,409,609,428,593,1032,608 :e:13 0,1069,409,587,1058,608,409,608,774,573,1032,608,414,608,410,608,1331,608,413,609,409,608,1032,613 GE/Jasco "ok" button (Xiaomi code set [1654]) :e:23363 0,1069,440,651,1071,673,443,678,750,678,1044,647,469,648,469,677,1343,651,772,677,444,673,1343,651 :e:12 0,1070,439,647,1070,678,443,652,776,647,1071,677,445,672,443,652,1369,651,772,678,443,673,1339,677 :e:12 0,1053,439,674,1045,694,426,652,776,652,1070,673,444,673,443,652,1365,677,751,651,465,678,1339,677 :e:12 0,1048,460,678,1045,651,466,677,751,651,1071,673,444,652,465,677,1343,678,751,691,425,652,1365,677 :e:13 0,1043,465,678,1045,673,443,677,751,677,1045,697,419,652,465,677,1343,677,746,677,443,696,1320,677 :e:13 0,1069,439,652,1066,677,444,651,777,673,1045,677,440,706,415,647,1373,673,751,677,439,677,1339,677 And, yes: The only key on the MX-500 learned from the Jasco was the power button. The MX-500 claims it learns the others, but they don't accomplish anything on the MiBox when pressed. Hmmm... In fact: Here's what the MX-500 learned from the Jasco ("ok" button programmed into the "ok" button on the MX-500 for an unused device): :e:1340 0,1069,409,609,1032,586,435,608,734,586,1058,608,409,608,409,613,1330,609,733,613,409,608,1330,609 :e:13 0,1069,409,613,1032,608,409,587,759,608,1032,612,409,609,409,608,1330,613,733,608,409,613,1330,608 :e:12 0,1070,409,612,1032,608,409,613,733,608,1032,612,416,602,408,587,1352,612,733,608,409,613,1330,608 :e:12 0,1070,409,586,1054,613,409,608,733,613,1032,608,409,613,409,608,1331,608,733,613,409,610,1329,612 :e:12 0,1069,409,608,1034,611,409,608,733,612,1032,608,409,613,404,613,1330,608,734,612,409,609,1330,612 :e:12 0,1069,409,608,1032,612,409,608,734,612,1031,587,430,613,409,608,1330,612,733,587,430,613,1326,613 :e:12 0,1069,409,612,1032,608,409,613,733,608,1032,612,409,608,409,587,1352,613,733,608,409,613,1326,613 I wish the Flirc app gave you the ability to clear that debug window w/o having to exit the app entirely. If you have any influence with the development team, perhaps you could persuade them to add that?
  15. MX-500 Move Right, followed by Jasco "ok" :e:19752 0,1069,409,612,1031,608,414,608,733,586,1057,609,413,608,408,608,1330,612,409,608,413,608,1031,612 :e:13 0,1073,409,608,1032,612,409,608,738,608,1031,613,409,608,409,612,1330,608,413,608,409,608,1036,608 :e:13 0,1048,435,608,1031,613,408,608,738,608,1031,613,408,608,409,613,1329,608,414,608,408,608,1036,609 :e:11609 0,1051,439,678,1044,672,448,673,755,672,1049,673,443,673,443,677,1342,673,750,678,443,673,1342,678 :e:12 0,1047,465,672,1044,678,443,677,750,673,1048,673,443,677,439,677,1346,673,750,677,443,673,1342,672 :e:12 0,1069,439,673,1048,673,443,677,750,677,1044,677,439,677,444,672,1343,677,750,677,439,679,1341,652 :e:12 0,1069,439,677,1044,651,469,673,750,677,1044,677,444,701,414,678,1342,677,750,651,465,678,1338,677 :e:13 0,1069,439,677,1044,677,443,673,754,677,1044,676,439,677,439,677,1342,682,745,651,465,677,1368,651 :e:13 0,1072,439,673,1044,677,444,677,751,676,1044,677,439,677,444,651,1368,677,746,677,443,678,1337,677
  16. Nope. Jasco remote wasn't even in the room when I programmed the Flirc. Did the single-button erase, anyway. Then the right-move button on the MX-500 no longer worked with the Flirc. Re-recorded it and the behaviour from the Jasco remote was back. Only thing I can figure is the MiBox' "ok" is an IR string that's got the right-move for the NEC TV set I set the MX-500 to embedded in it. I may play with different programming in the MX-500. Or I may just leave it. The Jasco remote won't be used on the same MiBoxen the MX-500 is, and vice-versa. This has got me thinking about irScrutinizer again, though :)
  17. Got another question. Went to use the GE/Jasco remote on the MiBox this evening, and pressing "ok" would cause a right move, instead. I'm going to assume the Flirc was somehow responsible for this? (Removed the Flirc and the problem went away.) Perhaps some default programming that was in there? If so: Can I clear it of everything other than what I put in?
  18. Got the Home button, now :) Thanks again! Oddly enough: Volume Up/Down doesn't emit anything on the MX-500 with this programming. *shrug* If it eventually becomes an issue I'll restart with another program set on the MX-500.
  19. Project brought back from the dead. With yawor's patient help I got the Linux Flirc software installed on my Linux Mint 17 MATE box. Plugged in the Flirc, fired-up the app. It saw the Flirc and notified me of an available firmware update. Installed it. Programmed the MX-500 from a canned NEC TV profile (first one I tried that produced signals for all the joystick buttons: 130). Taught the Flirc from it. Plugged it into the MiBox. Worked! Taught the MX-500 the MiBox' power on/off from the inexpensive GE/Jasco remote. Done! Only MiBox button I'm missing I would like to have is the "Home" button. Wouldn't hurt to have the MiBox' volume up/down buttons, as well.
  20. Oh. I thought you meant error output or something else that indicated something untoward. Yeah, I got that stuff regardless of what OS or distro I specified. I just used your repo installation line and damned if it didn't work. I do not understand it, because I'm certain that's exactly what I did before. Nonetheless: It worked this time. Thanks for your patient help, yawor! ETA: Plugged in the Flirc, fired-up the app, and it's communicating. Even notified me of an available firmware update and installed it :) Now to figure out how to program/configure this thing. ETA2: Programmed the MX-500 from a canned NEC profile (first one I tried that produced signals for all the joystick buttons). Programmed the Flirc. Plugged it into the MiBox. Worked! Taught the MX-500 the MiBox' power on/off from the inexpensive GE/Jasco remote. Done! Thanks again for all your help, yawor!
  21. Yes, I've browsed that location. Made all this all the more confusing. $ sudo cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Flirc_repo.list # this file was generated by packagecloud.io for # the repository at https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo deb https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/debian/ jessie main deb-src https://packagecloud.io/Flirc/repo/debian/ jessie main $ sudo apt-get update ... Hit https://packagecloud.io jessie InRelease ... Hit https://packagecloud.io jessie/main Sources ... Hit https://packagecloud.io jessie/main amd64 Packages ... Hit https://packagecloud.io jessie/main i386 Packages ... Get:1 https://packagecloud.io jessie/main Translation-en_US ... Ign https://packagecloud.io jessie/main Translation-en_US ... Ign https://packagecloud.io jessie/main Translation-en ... Reading package lists... Done $ apt-cache policy Package files: 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status release a=now Pinned packages:
  22. I've got this: $ cat /etc/debian_version jessie/sid So... curl -s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/Flirc/repo/script.deb.sh | sudo os=debian dist=jessie bash ? No, no messages or errors when I ran the repo install script. The script automatically does an apt-get update, so...? Thanks for the guidance! ETA: That did not work, either. Nor did this: $ cat /etc/lsb-release.dpkg-dist DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=14.04 DISTRIB_CODENAME=trusty DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS" $ curl -s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/Flirc/repo/script.deb.sh | sudo os=ubuntu dist=trusty bash
  23. Tried following the instructions here: https://flirc.tv/ubuntu-software-installation-guide for the generic installer, first on my desktop/server running Linux Mint 17 (Qiana) MATE: $ sudo apt-get install flirc Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package flirc My distro is getting old, so I tried it on a PC that has a more up-to-date version: Mint 18.3 (Sylvia) MATE. Same thing. Can somebody give me a hand? Thanks!
  24. Or not. Project's a bust. The OTA tuners I planned to use turned out not to meet my needs, and there are no suitable alternatives, so it's all going back and I'm dumping the project. I suppose I'll keep the Flirc around. I've returned a couple or more things to Amazon, lately. I don't want to push my luck. Perhaps I'll have some unforeseen future need for it. (Tho, at this point, I've had about enough of this stuff, so I'm not likely to approach it again for a good long while. If ever.)
  25. Well, there are people who've put the Flirc on MiBoxen and it worked, so I should be GTG in that respect. As for NEC code sets for the MX-500: The Operating Manual has entries for NEC audio, TV, VCR and CD, so I should be GTG there. It occurred to me I might lose power on, but that is the one code I was able to teach the MX-500 from the GE/Jasco remote. Odd, but there it is. *shrug* I guess I'll order-up a Flirc and see what happens. Thanks, again, yawor! ETA: Ordered! Should be here sometime this coming week.
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