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  1. Dang! The home page says, "Use any remote on your FireTV". Naturally, and stupidly, I thought I could/should use the FireTV remote itself to program the FLIRC. Any IR remote is the truth. Doh! The cool thing is you've already got the profile that has the relevant IR codes inside the GUI. So, this all works with ANY remote that puts out IR. Just FYI, what I'm doing is integrating several devices (FireTV, HDMI switch, Apple TV, Roku) with a Crestron (I know, I know) remote. It's very expensive but nice remote control (TSR-302). It will send commands (wireless) to the Crestron "brain", which will output the IR commands. I think this will all work, as the IR-controlled HDMI switch is already integrated, and all I need is to integrate the FireTV. I do hope the "any remote that puts out IR" works with a Crestron box. We shall see! Thanks for your help! Ken P.S. New product idea for you ... have a way to invoke the microphone on certain remotes. The FireTV, Apple TV (newest) and Roku (Ultra) all accept voice commands, but . Then, I need to get the Crestron brain to relay the voice commands from the TSR-302 to the activated device. Not sure that will ever happen! ;-) (The need to relay voice commands with an integrated remote will probably become more and more of an issue with remotes for multiple devices (like Comcast as well as others) now taking voice commands).
  2. On an iMac, where the FLIRC is plugged directly into a USB receptacle, I was able to program my FLIRC. However, on a Mac Mini (also plugged directly into the computer) and on my Mac Book Pro, using a USB-C to USB-A dongle, the FLIRC does not learn. I never get a "success" message. I looked at IR debugging in the log, and no IR commands are received. I'm trying to learn from a FireTV remote. I have Gen 2 and the latest firmware and GUI. Any ideas?
  3. Interesting ... if I just do ./flirc_util, I see the help. But any other option gets the "device disconnected" error. Thanks in advance for your help, @jason!
  4. I feel so dumb. Sorry to trouble you with this stuff. I *used to be* a programmer, but the older I get the more I forget! I got the program to run, but this is what I see ... Kens-2015-iMac:Applications kenjacobs2$ ./flirc_util -version device disconnected, can't run command ????
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I understand now. as to Flirc_util, I did a Show Package Contents and successfully opened the Flirc_util executable from Finder. And when I do it shows the Help info. But I can't seem to figure out how to actually run the utility itself from the command line. Thanks again!
  6. I made the same suggestion today, before finding this forum. Sorry for the duplication. I like the idea of highlighting buttons that have codes. Even though you can't display the user-sensible key easily, the hex code would be helpful. I'd use a right-click to retrieve or store the HEX code for any given button in the GUI. Sometimes I don't have the remote, or I'm copying codes obtained from elsewhere, like Global Cache's Control Tower. As long as I'm at it ... it would be handy if the Flirc menu had an option to "Save Configuration in Display Mode" (or some such). It would produce a user-readable file, with the name of the controller, the name of each button that had a code (since it knows both while in the GUI, I assume), and the associated hex code. By the way, I tried to run flirc_util on Mac Sierra, and never figured out how to do so. It runs, and automatically shows the help, but I can't find a way to submit command-line (Terminal) commands to the utility. Thanks for a VERY cool little tool.
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