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  1. So, the issue seems more complicated. In Total Commander, Flircs works well even on an extension cable. In Kodi, or in Flirc GUI, the issue arise. Pressing the same buttons, it barely registers. In the log however, it seems to register just fine. Attached. my_flirc_log.txt
  2. I'm afraid my first question in the OP hasn't been answered. What is the difference between the two downloads? If it's just the package version, why does https://flirc.tv/downloads offer an older version than https://flirc.tv/support/flirc-usb ? Am I missing something? Thanks!
  3. I have a medium tower case HTPC setup and some issues with Flirc signal. The only way I can get constistently reliable signal from my remote into Flirc receiver is when I plug Flirc DIRECTLY to one of the USB ports on the back of the case, i.e. the mobo ports. When I use an USB extension cord, or plug Flirc into one of the front (case) USB ports, the receiver sensitivity is on an off (have to press a remote button 4x for the PC to register an input). It's like Flirc hates any sort of USB signal extension. Any ideas? Many thanks!
  4. So apparently I am confused regarding the available Flric downloads. First off: https://flirc.tv/downloads has the "Latest Release Flirc Setup.exe [v3.22.4]" which downloads as Flirc.exe Then we have this page: https://flirc.tv/support/flirc-usb "Flirc Installer [v3.25.3]" which downloads as Flirc-Setup-3.25.3.exe Which download should I use? And why are both flagged as dangerous and blocked by Chrome? Many thanks!
  5. It does indeed. But why not save us the hassle and highlight all the mapped buttons from the get go (or keep them highlighted as you add new ones)?
  6. Indeed. I have the poor-man's Harmony it looks like. Thanks for the research though!
  7. Which Harmony Remote do you have? I have the 350 and the only thing I can do in relation to setting up an activity is to select which devices are powered on. No adding of steps, or customization of the activity is possible. This is all I get. Any ideas?
  8. Harmony Software Devices Flirc Media Player Change Device Settings Power Settings This is as far as I got - there is no Power Settings in MyHarmony software. Am I missing something?
  9. Hi, so I've searched the forums but haven't found a single mention of "dreambox". I have the DM800 controller (silver) and have no idea which TV code to use, so that the controller can transmit all of its buttons (including the MENU button). When in "dreambox" mode, I can barely map a couple of buttons before running into the "Key already mapped" issue - which I assume means this mode is not really compatible with Flirc. Anyway, the closest I've come to a full key map was using the Samsung TV code 0586, but the MENU button would not register at all. Besides Samsing, there's just too many brands, with each having a dozen or so available TV codes so there's no way I'm going through all of them just to find the one that's fully working. FYI here is the list of codes I'm talking about: http://dream-zone.dk/showthread.php?12428-dreambox-remote-Tv-Codes In case this is a wild goose chase, which other remote do you recommend I use? And if you say e.g. Logitech Harmony, doesn't that have its own IR receiver, rendering my purchase of Flirc just a waste of money? Many thanks!
  10. So in the Flirc config program where it's showing the layout of your virtual controller, it's the most logical thing to expect to see which buttons of your virtual controller are already mapped (and possibly, also to what, using maybe IR codes from your physical remote for idtentification). Why doesn't the software actually show this important info?
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