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  1. I have simmilar problem now for aprox. one month. Flirc doesn't repond and in device manager I "get unknovn device...descriptor failed..." in USB section not in "libusbk USB Devices" section as Flirc. It Works if I manualy delete and add driver or if I just reset system. I have: Windows 10 PRO Build: 15063.296 Motherboard: Gigabyte B150n Phoenix v1.0 Bios revision: F20 Ram: 4GB Crucial value 2133 MHz Disk: Samsung PM961 265 GB CPU: Intel Pentium G4500 PSU: SilverStone SX500-LG Flirc: Flirc SE
  2. how to know if flirc is V1 or V2. I have SE variant.
  3. It works now. Thank you. Do not know how I missed that at the start of a thread. Oh well....
  4. Today I've tested diffrent remote with same results. So it most probably is not remote problem, but Flirc with Windows itself. Tested: BOXEE --> Power remote detects it correctly but clearly it has no function as I have Windows 10 HTPC.KODI --> Shutdown it does not detect.MEDIA KEYS --> Wake/Suspend it works as wake/suspend and this is my partial solution to power on/off function.XBOX --> Power_Xbox it detects as number 9. Power_TV it detects as number 9.
  5. Yes, the blue led is on. In gui when I'm trying to record with remote control off button it lights number 9 for strange reason. But when I try nine it's nine.
  6. I can wake up with Windows media control on Windwos. But can't power it.
  7. With which button you can power it? I can not power it in windows....I can make it sleep&wake only in from media keys settings.
  8. What is first and what is second generation? I have Flirc SE.
  9. Click file tab, then click advanced button and finally click force upgrade button. When prompted click yes.
  10. It worked flawlessly. In the gui it should be a banner for this or at least some sort of help button explaining what is the problem. I've opend Kodi Wiki for button shortcuts and just erased and redo all things from scrath very quickly and easly. Thanks again yawor. I was quite dissapointed about flirc, now I'm happy again and don't regret buying it. PS: I've bought SE variation and plug it in my custom wooden case. I used double sided tape to mount it inside. Way better then USB way!
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