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  1. I've seen this asked a couple times on this forum in the past, but I'm wondering if it changed. Can the Flirc USB send IR commands now? The "New Hardware Features" section shows an IR Transmitter, as does the technical specs, so it seems the answer should be "yes", but previous forum posts say "no" If that is the case, how does one go about sending an IR signal? My use-case is that I want to send commands from my computer (via a Python script, ideally, but an API from any language would be fine) to essentially use my PC as a universal remote. To be clear, I don't want to use a remote control to control my PC, I want to use my PC as a remote control to control other devices. The PC is Windows 10, if that makes a difference. The website mentions an SDK. Is there some place I can see that (or the documentation) before ordering one of these? Thanks!
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