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  1. Should we expect an update to the Flirc case for the RPi 4 with cooling for the USB controller?
  2. I read in a review on Amazon that the heatsink/heat transfer post is hollow. Is this indeed the case? Also, I've seen reference to a 3rd gen case, but the Amazon description states "gen2." What generation is the newest shipping version? Thank you for your attention to this. Regards,
  3. You say "next build of the case." Does this mean manufacturing run, or is a new version (gen 4?) of the case being released imminently? When do you anticipate availability?
  4. That bytes. Do you know how wide the gap is? I'd rather bridge it with copper shims than a thermal pad. I think a copper shim of the appropriate thickness would stay in place merely by being sandwiched between the CPU and the CPU post once the Pi 2 is screwed into the case.
  5. I recently bought a Flirc case and received a rev. 3. I want to use this with a Pi 2. I'm curious about the design/manufacturing tolerances. I want to use thermal paste instead of the included pad. Does the heatsink/post come into full contact with the Pi 2's processor, or is there too great of a gap?
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