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  1. After posting I noticed that. Shame the mechanical drawings don't show height of the CPUs. Do you have a 3B+ and case not-in-use? I am wondering if you can shine a light through one side whilst observing through another to see if they touch. Alternatively some thermal paste (normal CPU stuff) might be enough to determine how 'tight' the fit is. If yours are in use, not to worry. It's only a potential £15 loss for me to buy them both and test myself.
  2. Dear Forum, Not sure if this is the right place to ask. I'm making an assumption that if I see something called "Flirc" it's supported here. If that's wrong, apologies in advance. According to Flirc.tv there are only Pi 2 cases (as that's all that site sells). ModMyPi is selling a Pi 3 case listed as "support[ing] the Raspberry Pi B+/2/3". In the Q&A section of that page, ModMyPi state it's not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Looking at this photo the only component which comes into contact with the case would be the CPU. Comparing drawings of 3B and 3B+ the CPU certainly looks to be identically placed, as are the mounting holes and IO connectors. So questions. Is that a genuine Flirc case, supported by Flirc? Does anyone know why ModMyPi might think it's not compatible with the 3B+ I am hoping it's just something like RF signal [which I don't really care about]. I would really like to buy a few of these cases for the 3B+ with my projects and the Flirc cases look great.
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