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  1. Hi, am I right that the built-in Kodi controller layout has no key for OSD? (I can always use the full keyboard as a start basis for Flirc, I know that - just wondering if I'm missing anything for the built-in Kodi controller layout.) Thanks!
  2. I'm saying that you can use the Flirc configuration program to assign the right button presses (keys on the keyboard) to the signals the Harmony sends with the default profile to make things work. You will need to do this manually, however, because quite some keys don't work out of the box (this is where some tweaks to the firmware by Jason would be required).
  3. I can't answer for Jason. The required tweaks for the hardware are, however, only to make everything work immediately out of the box. You can always fix the current XBMC profile with the Flirc configuration software. No need to change the Harmony profile at all, actually, for this.
  4. I installed the newest firmware around Christmas, and then had to tweak quite a lot of buttons to work correctly. As it is working since then (and adjusting the keys is not that difficult or cumbersome, actually), I didn't check for any further improvements in the official fw.
  5. Hi, OSD during video playback is just select/enter, which is what the Ok key of the Harmony produces by default in the Harmony Flirc profile. You could try to map that also to the Guide key.
  6. Ah, the button on the remote. I thought I'd need to press the key on the keyboard... So I'll have to teach my Harmony some new key, and then send that to Flirc for defining the function. Will try that, thanks!
  7. Hi! First of all: Flirc is great! Thanks to Jason for pulling this together. Secondly: I may not be as great. I've read a lot, but probably not quite understood the concept for how to program/configure Flirc. I want to control an OpenELEC machine with a Harmony through Flirc. Select XBMC preset (Firmware 2.3), plug Flirc into my OpenElec machine, select Flirc, XBMC in the Harmony software. Works. Yay! Now about the details: I want to add a key to the Flirc layout, so that I can assign that key a special function in XBMC. I don't want to change any of the existing keys, but add a new one. I actually don't even care which one it would be, because I can assign any function to that key in keymap.xml. But I cannot find a function in the Flirc config program (Windows, version 1.3) with which I could add a key to the XBMC layout...? Say I want to add F4 to the XBMC setup so that I can then add a function for F4. How would that work, conceptually? Thanks much!
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