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  1. As mentioned above by Jason, please check that "sequence modifiers" is not enabled. for me that solved the issue.
  2. gotcha. i thought the GUI was also running some service. didn't actually check on it. thanks.
  3. at the moment i usually use AutoHotKey in order to cause a key combination to let's say open up Plex on my windows PC, or maybe WinAmp. it would be nice if I could forego AutoHotKey and just map an IR command to run any file (execuable, batch, script,...).
  4. mine's used with a harmony ultimate. flirc 1.3.6 with firmare 3.6. i am not sure if the problem was in before, but lately, i've had scripts that did automatic configuration changes to the flirc. it didn't seem to like that too much, and at some point the driver/firmware got corrupted. i reinstalled the driver and firmware and mostly things seem to work now. one thing that still seem screwed up is the modifier keys. ctrl, alt, and shift mostly seem to be getting stuck and keep being sent although i can see on the harmony hub that nothing is being sent IR-wise. so if i have a combination of shift-alt-F7, then mostly, after i use it, the shift-alt are still being pressed, and if i hit F9, it'll actually do shift-alt-F9. this is pretty bad, as if i have only alt as a modifier, then things really go crazy since alt does shortcuts with many things. i had to remove all modifiers from everything in order to get things not to go haywire.
  5. thanks a lot! that is exactly what i was looking for. unfortunately, the output doesn't seem 100% correct. i know for sure that some sequences that work are not seen in the printout and some are seen multiple times (which i don't remember ever setting). weird...
  6. thanks, but that's exactly what i was not asking for. i want a way to check the keys that doesn't require the actual remote... isn't there a way to parse the configuration file to get the keyboard keys?
  7. i was wondering if it was possible to somehow tell which key combinations are already configured in flirc and perhaps erase a particular combination not through the IR signal for it.
  8. you can have a look at my configuration for the harmony ultimate + flirc + plex at: http://programming-headbanging.blogspot.co.il/2014/08/configuring-plex-home-theater-with.html it has a link for downloading a word document with all the configurations i made for easy reference, plus some AutoHotKey scripts to make things more interesting.
  9. i used the old way for configuring PLEX with the harmony remote and flirc. in this approach, we configure the harmony with a device that has a lot of IR codes that are different from one another. using this approach it lets me do all sorts of things with keyboard shortcuts, namely using AutoHotKey to configure commands not in the PLEX command list. here's a word document with my mappings using the Panasonic TC-P65VT30 device in the harmony remote: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By28ojU6MbLhRlBBSVhkRjZQZHc&authuser=0 about the AHK scripts: the first script i've created in AHK that i'll mention uses the numpad of the remote to enter letters. this is particularly useful for the search option in PLEX. essentially, the script sends letters while pressing the number buttons of the remote repeatedly like you usually do on the TV or older phones with no keyboard. so, for instance, if i want to write abg3 i'll be able to do that with the remote by: pressing 2, wait second (or press Alt-Shift-F8), pressing 2 twice, pressing 4 once, pressing 3 4 times the Keypad-Letters script can be found at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By28ojU6MbLhT1BuOFdOT180TUE&authuser=0 this script also uses Alt-Shift-F8 (which i mapped through flirc as well) to stop the 1 second timer so that you could write other characters from the same number immediately. the second script always runs on the PC (it is in my startup folder) and the extra keyboard shortcuts in it do this: Alt-Shift-F10 - opens the plex client (theater) and the Keypad-Letters script Alt-Shift-F9 - stops the Keypad-Letters script (useful to assign this to the harmony remote, to be called when going out of the PLEX activity. otherwise, the script will change digits when you're running windows outside the plex client) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By28ojU6MbLhaHRTQjB2SVltYUE&authuser=0 hope you find this useful.
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