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  1. Hey Jason, My flirc started acting up again so I switched it over to the USB slot on the front of my HTPC and it seems to have addressed the problem!
  2. I'll try it and I'll update you with the results. The USB cable itself seems like a good quality and build. Why would that effect it?
  3. Sorry, I was unable to take a picture last night, but I can once I get home if you still need it. My Flirc is connected via a USB extension cord then back to a USB 3.0 slot on my Asus Z87I-Deluxe mobo. The Flirc itself is not in a closed cabinet but is completely exposed about 6-7 feet from my couch.
  4. I did it again but the text seems to be cut off. I tried to make the text smaller through the display options but I am pretty sure it says 2.0
  5. Thanks for the response Jason. I did as you asked and the firmware was already 2.4 but I did it again and it still reads Firmware 2.4. The keys get stuck after I push one of the buttons on the remote. I don't think it's the remote because it doesn't light up when checking it through my phones camera.
  6. Hello everyone, First let me say how excited I was to find this site. I have been searching for a solution to use a remote for my HTPC and this seemed perfect. This is a great device WHEN it works correctly. After having issues upgrading the firmware and I finally got the remote everything seemed smooth sailing. After two days Flirc goes CRAZY on XBMC and send repeated key presses that can only be remedied by unplugging the USB and plugging it back in. I read through the forums and messed with the advanced settings according to suggestions given by Jason. I tried different Inter-Key Delays with a combination of checking the Noise Canceler option. After going back and forth and changing options I'll finally get it to work. A day goes by and it goes crazy again and back to playing with the settings. Please tell me there's a solution for this. I checked the remote and it is NOT sending multiple IR signals. I checked using my camera phone. This is a GREAT product but it has way too many bugs to go into distribution. I'm sad to say if I can't get this to work I'm going to have to issue an RMA :( Specs: - Windows 7 Professional 64-bit - Flirc w/ Firmware 2.4 - Harmony 650 remote Thanks!
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