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  1. Ok I have bought a one for all 4660 remote that seems to work but most of the time while navigating through plex you have to press twice, any ideas thanks
  2. Built a new media system round the plex software but want to use a remote, ah flirc looks great ordered one and spent 2 hours trying to get 11 remotes to work, at this moment all I have been trying to do is up, down, left, right, enter and back, simple you would think, but enter and back seems to be the same key, up and down the same function, the only remote that seems to work is the crappy aplle tv (3) ,I bought a lovely new HP media remote to do the job but that does not work nor does any of the xbox 360 media remotes , plully my hair out here. Not what the ad says. Is it faulty or is it this bad. Plus is there a remote that will work (I'm in the UK) Thanks
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