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  1. You did it backwards. Program in flirc now, after harmony app. It recorded your previous remote codes. It should work fine if you program in flirc now.
  2. I noticed something similar with the newest firmware. It was updated to prevent others that were getting a lot of phantom or repeat keypresses. Now I don't get repeats when I hold the button, but if I manually repeat the keypresses it works pretty well. previously I had some repeat keypresses so the new firmware seems more predictable, but I'm having the same issue you are. If Jason makes a new beta firmware to address this, I'll test with my Harmony on the Roku profile.
  3. fn is a keyboard modifier you just need to see what buttons it's really sending, channel up and down could be up or down, or + - or pgup pgdown etc. I really think playing with those mappings will get you further than trying to emulate fn
  4. I'd just give it a shot anyway it's pretty sensitive, you may be able to get it just out of the closet if the direction is an issue
  5. I have had random repeat keys still with my firetv/ harmony roku profile I think I'll give this firmware a shot and see if I can help validate for ya. I'll have to see what makes mine repeat first to make sure I have valid results =)
  6. For the harmony check out this help article: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202819236 For the having to record each button twice that is actually how some remotes work to prevent double key presses, they send 2 codes alternating and you will have to record that twice in the GUI for those types of remotes.
  7. You might want to take a look at this fix, it worked for me using the Roku profile for my FireTV with my harmony: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202819236 I changed that setting to 0 to fix repeat key presses, it may be that you are getting a play then pause. You could also try re-recording the keys with the upgraded firmware 3.0 and the firetv mapping and checking for sources of interference if none of the above work
  8. I agree with this and would like to see it updated to include more keys to assign via harmony. In the interim though that AudioNextLanguage assignment is one I've used on the remote and then just reprogrammed in the Flirc GUI to my liking. You can mix and match and that could easily be mapped to esc if needed. User mappings override the built in profile.
  9. Check your harmony software and make sure that those buttons actually have something assigned to them for the activity you are using. It's possible that the Harmony didn't map something there by default. If that is the case that they show blank, it doesn't really matter what key you map them to, in fact you could map them to the 1, 2 and 3 keys and not have to reprogram.
  10. That's referring to the flirc_util record_api 0 101 for the menu key. I didn't correct mine from enter to return yet, but I suppose I can wait until your next beta to do the testing. Will it have firetv as a built in profile like XBMC too, or just the GUI for making the recording correctly?
  11. Glad someone else got their Harmony working better thanks to that write up. Mine was repeating up and down presses until I changed that setting to 0. Now the Harmony/Flirc/FireTV combo is working beautifully!
  12. It may have something to do with the remote used to program the Flirc. I have a Harmony and used the XBMC profile for my firetv and it works ok. I tried using the ROKU profile to program it and the up and down goes 2 or 3 steps at a time. Hopefully this helps point in the right direction, but I'm happy to help test if there is more I can do. I did test changing the interkey delay to 3 as well.
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