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  1. Hey Jason, I'm still having issues with my Harmony One remote and flirc with my Fire TV. The back button that I've mapped to the #1 key still doesn't work right. I have in the Harmony software, set the #1 key to be the back button. I set the #2 key to be Home button and I set the #3 key to be the Menu button. Both #2 and #3 keys seem to be working correct. It's just the back button #1 key that doesn't. I've redone the key mapping in the flirc GUI using the FireTV controller. Every button got recorded properly. Anyone else having issues like this? Thanks, Chevy
  2. By having the back button for the Fire tv mapped to the #1 button on the harmony, when I go to use the #1 button to back out of something within XBMC it actually goes right out to the XBMC home screen. Meaning if I'm into something 2 or 3 menus deep and I want to back out to the menu or whatever before the one I'm currently in I can't. It goes right back to the XBMC home screen. I'm not really sure how to fix it. Any ideas? Thanks, Chevy
  3. Thanks Jason for the new firmware. I have it installed and using the GUI. I was able to record most all of the Fire TV's keys, but not to the keys on my Harmony One remote that I wanted. For the home key I had to use the #2 button and I wanted to use like the info button or exit button. So what I use for back or return was the #1 key, for Home I used the #2 key and for Menu I used the #3 key. For some reason the Menu, Exit, Info and Guide buttons on the Harmony wouldn't record onto Flirc. Any idea why? Thanks, Chevy
  4. Hi all, I'm new to flirc and I'm having a lot of issues getting flirc to work. Ok, so I just bought a Fire TV and have XBMC installed on it. I have a Harmony One remote and most of the keys seem to work except the back, menu and home buttons. I have tried key mapping, but I must be doing something wrong, cause it's not working. I've read so much and now I'm getting confused. My flirc is using the latest stable firmware and I have the latest Mac software. i have a Windows USB keyboard that I was trying to use, but most of the time I hit the key to record and it just blinks. I don't know what's up. Can someone explain a step by step in plain english what to do? What controller should I use in flirc software? Thanks, Chevy
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