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  1. Thank you! Before trying it, if I make a mistake can I delete the link normally from the GUI? Also in a laptop if PrintScrn is triggered using the Fn key, with this method the code for PrintScrn is enough, right?
  2. I would really like a full keyboard with numpad and button like PrintScrn too! Something like numpad may seems useless, but actually Windows uses it for mimic the mouse, so it has a purpose, like other buttons, at least for me! (by the way how it's called the one right to the right Win button?!) Thank you.
  3. That sounds like the right idea. I'll try that once the problem comes up again. Usually when I'm on the couch and the movie has started (i.e. when it's most inconvenient).
  4. I received my Flirc a couple of days ago and programmed it on my Windows 7 64 bit PC to work with my Harmony Remote. The Programming worked fairly straight forward but I keep having a problem that basically prevents me from using Flirc at all: When the dongle is connected to the computer, it periodically keeps sends random key presses to the PC. I tried blaming the remote control and even removed the batteries to make sure the remote is not sending random signals. Using the Flirc Utilities from here () I can see that just having Flirc connected results in keys being pressed at random. Only those that are registered with the device are being pressed, though. To clarify the problem, here is what happens and how I can reproduce this error: Open Flirc and clear configuration. Manually record a couple of buttons from my remote. Verify the buttons work in Flirc Utilities (or any other software that uses those keys). Remove batteries from Remote. Keep keyboard focus in Flirc Utilities to capture key presses. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a while, some of the programmed keys will show up in Flirc Utilities as being pressed. Both the keys and the pressing interval seems random. Behavior stops as soon as I disconnect Flirc from the PC. In a media player application, this results of course in total havoc and makes Flirc unusable, which otherwise is exactly what I want for my media setup. Are there any ideas how to fix this or how I can provide more information so we can find a solution together? Thanks!
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