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Need to press every button twice

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I use Flirc v2 together with a Logitech Harmony One+ on Debian Buster (10.4) and MythTV.

On the Flirc I have selected a full keyboard layout.

The problem is that I need to press every remote button twice for the command to work.

Before I bought a Flirc I used ir-keytable and did not experience this problem.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Best regards,

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Interesting, I thought it was just me and my old Hauppauge 45 button remotes.  Assuming it's the same issue I have it goes back 7+ years (see my post from 2013). 

I thought there was a fix for it at one point, but maybe not officially released.  I just tried setting up a gen1 Flirc with the H45 remote again today and am having the same issues.

I too am using ir-keytable with the H45 remote on my ODroid N2 (with built-in IR) running CoreElec with no issues.  The N2 is probably over-kill for Kodi, but man is it a rocket!  The ODroid C4 (also has built-in IR) appears to be very comparable to the RPi4 and if I don't have to buy the Flirc (and a new remote) it would be a fair amount cheaper solution too.

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