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Flirc not doing anything on Kodi after programming

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Hi there,

I got a Flirc IR universal receiver I want to use with Kodi. I first plugged it in a Mac running Flirc's GUI, programmed a few basic buttons (directional arrows, back) from a disused IR remote control. Kodi runs from LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi 3.

When I plug the Flirc IR receiver into the Raspberry Pi 3, nothing happens as I press the buttons on the remote control. Rebooted, same absence of result.

What could be happening there?

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Yeah, no problem with USB keyboards, on any port BTW.

I read about the Pi3 sometimes not working when wired RJ45 cable is present, unplugged it, tested it, with the same result, i.e. no reaction.

The power supply is the one coming with the CanaKit version of RPi3, not a phone charger.


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While the Flirc unit has no trouble recording the codes from this remote (That's what the app says anyway), it doesn't seem to "play them back" as keyboard presses / macros for Kodi. Remote is Checkmate IV RT-U49C+.

When partially programming the unit with another, older VCR remote (partial because it doesn't have any Enter nor Back keys), the arrow keys do work.

Any idea why Flirc wouldn't play it nice with the Checkmate IV?


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