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PS3 compatibility?

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I'm sorry for the delay guys. Something will come before the end of the year. I'm going to get back to firmware very shortly. I had a ton of stuff I had to finish outside of this. I'll post a blog update soon.

Long story short, I scoured the internet, and found this project: https://blog.gimx.fr

I reached out to him and asked him to possibly port some of his firmware to libopencm3, where I use just the USB stack. He was extremely nice, ported that over, and now I've got to work on integrating that into the rest of my firmware. I need some more time before I can get to this specifically, but it'll be completed before christmas.

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Looks like a great solution.  Looking forward to trying out your build when it's ready :)

In the interim I've notice that netflix seems to use (on PS3) NumPad  2&5 as play/pause toggle; 7/9 as +/- 10 sec skip; and 4/6 as rewind/ff.  

I've managed to successfully map play/pause to FLIRC with flirc_util.exe record_api 0 93  (using 0x5D from here: http://www.freebsddiary.org/APC/usb_hid_usages ),  but didn't have great luck mapping the others.  Perhaps my USB keyboard is generating a different code.

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I just picked up the Flirc USB (metal) in hopes that it would work with my PS3 through a Harmony 350 remote.  I then found these forums when I ran in to a wall on programing the Flirc.  Any more progress on the PS3 / PS4 remote emulation?

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