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Hey there! So I've seen the advertisements for the Skip 1s and have noticed that there is a menu point called "Sonos". My question is if I can buy the Skip 1s and use it to control my sonos sound bar/sound system with it. I ask specifically to control Night Mode and base with it. Can I bind specific actions to buttons on the 1s?

Thanks in advance for answering!

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19 hours ago, Nathan said:

There is a Sonos option, but it looks like it only controls audio and input. We may have to work with you to add your specific brand. 

Hey there, thanks a lot. Sonos offers a rather extensive API (https://developer.sonos.com/reference/control-api/) which is also available in an Home Assistant Integration (https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/sonos/) if that helps. In case the audio and input are accessed via API it might not be too complicated to implement especially night mode and speech enhancement?


15 hours ago, YugoNation said:

I hope you get this to work :)  ability to set speech enhancement and night mode was something missing from harmony and I would love for Skip1s to be able to do it :)

That's what I'm looking for really. I've had another soundbar prior to the Sonos and could do basically everything from the remote so I was slightly surprised that Sonos has an entirely different philosophy.

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