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It was pointed out to me that those of you who pre-ordered aren't getting the updates that the Kickstarter folks are getting. I'm 100% sorry about that and want to rectify it now. As we post all future updates to Kickstarter, we'll also post them here. For now, here's the most recent update posted by Jason yesterday, Dec 1. I'm going to go ahead and lock this particular thread, just so the only things posted here are updates. Feel free to discuss in another thread. 

Update on Schedule

Quick update to keep in touch with all the backers. Production started about 2 weeks ago and final assembly will take place on the 10th. If all goes well, we should be shipping units expeditiously.

Things can go faster, they can go slower. But as is my nature I will not rest unless things are perfect, and approved. Weekly updates will turn into frequent updates.

Software will be sent to the few backers who requested early access within the next day or so and will be provided to a wider audience as we get closer to launch. I have limited resources but will provide a way to search for supported devices. Our commercially licensed database gets frequent updates, and includes oddities like fans and AC units that support IR.

Adding Devices to the Database

Nathan, one of the Flirc team, had an audio device that wasn't in the database, but we were able to add it within 10 minutes after getting all his codes from his remote using a Flirc USB. A quick JSON file with those codes was imported into the software. Once verified, we threw that into Continuous Integration and it's tracked separately so we can send quarterly updates back up to the database creators. Eventually we plan on automating this within the Skip app, but for now we are happy to have a pretty simple manual process developed.



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Surveys and Updates

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us as we work towards release of both the Skip App software and the Skip 1s remote. 

Skip App

This week some pretty major quality of life improvements were pushed to the Skip App making drag and drop smoother and more hassle free. Additionally, we've seeded software to a few people to start collecting more bug reports. Head over to the Flirc Forum where you can download the Skip App. 

Each app version will have a dedicated forum version for version specific feedback. Don't forget to check for your device and let us know if you think it's missing.

Skip 1s

We have been working with the factory developing a custom software application to help test every facet of the hardware and firmware. This software phones home information about each device tested for us to chew through later. This has been a lot of work but we are happy with the way things are going.

Production is underway, assembly has started, and it looks like all hardware should be ready to ship on Monday. We will let everyone know if the factory hits this target.

Once we receive units, we can send orders out within a day.

We will let everyone know how things are going next week.


We are working with PledgeBox to create and send out surveys to everyone. Once we're completely confident in the survey questions and product setup on the PledgeBox site, those will be going out. Expect them shortly.



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Just a quick update. Things are generally going well. I'm getting good feedback, but I was hoping they would be finished. As always, there are some issues.

A handful of semiconductors broke in our tray during shipping. Not an issue, since I sent more than what was needed.

Odd though is 300 PCB's did not pass Q/A before assembly. This was a significant number considering the build count. They are remaking them. A significant number are finished and I'm awaiting more news which I'll share as soon as it makes my way.

Any day now!


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