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Shipping date?


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The answer to both kickstarter and pre-order shipments is pretty much the same. 

In January we had to halt the shipping and building of pre-orders for a while due to a bug in Windows caused by Steam that was causing many remotes to fail to connect for setup, and we were uncertain whether the bug was in Windows or in the remote. While we've cleared up that issue and resumed shipping, this has pushed back pre-order fulfillment, as we had to reserve a new build time in the factory and are at the mercy of our supplier. When we receive the newly built shipment, we'll post an update on our forum. 

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bj reached out a few different ways at the same time, and I responded to him elsewhere, but it occurs to me people will want an answer here too, sooooo...

My comment above is still pretty much the answer. Only update is the factory is now building Skip 1s remotes, and I think we're going to have a ship date for the next batch soon, which I believe should cover all remaining kickstarter and pre-orders, at least as of counting a few weeks ago. Just can't make any official announcement until we are informed they're actually shipped and how many are shipped. 

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