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Linux flirc_util buggy


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I was playing around latest flirc_util for linux on ubuntu 13.10 and it is very buggy.

For example DFU kick out is not reliable at all.

Also it is not possible to delete already recorded button:


For example:

flirc_util delete backspace
 The Next button pressed will be deleted, please press a button

[E] fl_ver2_set_interrupt(576): Error: key not found

Also for recording it says recorded sucessfully but in reality nothing gets recorded.

On mac gui version it works so it is not Flirc problem.


The feature that would be nice in flirc_util (besides removal of bugs) would be an option to manually delete recorded button.

For example 'flirc_util keys' gives you the full list of recorded buttons. It would be nice i f it would be possible to say something like 'flirc_util delete hash 653AF02E' and the key with this hash would be deleted without the need of using the remote.


I hope the bugs in flirc_util will be ironed out.



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I am still trying to figure out how to handle it in cli in linux and kick it out of dfu. I know i can connect it to windows but would like to use flirc_util since it is command line and i can easily script it.

Can you please post a firmware 2.2.bin download link, so i can try with uploading the firmware and then restoring configuration.


The problem is that flirc throws itslf into dfu if it looses electricity few times in a row in a very short intervals. In this case it kicks itself into dfu.



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Illiac - 


I have already implemented the manually deleting of buttons with the commandline, I will push the update this weekend.


As far as your bootloader problem, you have a USB issue. Bad power supply which is shared with USB is causing problems. If you are using a hub, try removing the hub or powering it.

Flirc should not be getting stuck in bootloader mode without the user doing so.


To get it out of bootloader mode, fire up the gui. After the GUI loads the firmware, you can close the GUI and use the commandline.

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Hi tnx for answer. I am not using any usb hub. It has happened very rare but it has happened a few time or so.


True i can fire up a gui and get it out of bootloader.

But if i am not mistaken the command:

"flirc_util dfu leave" should do the same, but is says command successful and that the flirc is out of dfu but in reality it does nothing. The gui works to kick out of DFU and flirc_util does not. So there is probably no reason that GUI should be able to kick flirc out of DFU and flirc_util would not.


And also flirc_util upgrade firmware is useless ATM since there is no more seperate .bin files available. I hope you are planning to release them. I am a command line user when in linux and i do not use GUI at all nor have any GUI installed in linux. And when managing remote systems, cmd line is the most powerfull tool i can get without user interaction.


I am not trying to troubleshoot mine Flirc :) I am reporting bug that DFU kicking out in flirc_util does not work :)

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No, I've disabled that. I got burned by it. Here is how.


If you are in the middle of an upgrade, or you get one error while upgrading, a part of the program is corrupt. If you then try to do a dfu leave, then the application will run, which is corrupt, and the device could get bricked.

If it ever goes to upgrade mode, and a program starts to download, it will always assume that that program is invalid unless it gets to the end.

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