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Hi, that's a lot of capital letters.


Yep, both your TV and Flirc will react to the button.


If you're using your TV's remote we recommend either pairing buttons that aren't in use by the tv (e.g. buttons only used in a certain menu) or using another remote.

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I believe you can.


Sorry, I provide answers to questions while I am at the office, so it all comes from memory and based off of my previous experiences.



I believe that the "Button already recorded" error that shows is when you try to program a remote button to a new key and the system recognizes the code from the remote button.

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can i program more then 1 remote with 1 unit?


Hmmm... very interesting aspect.

I will try this right away... :)


Edit: It works. As long as you map a button to a free function, you can use more than one remote.

In my case, as long as the long press feature for second action is missing, i map some additional needed

functions to free buttons of my tv remote, while the ATV remote do the main job.

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I just came across this product on a review site, and love the idea.  I just want to be clear, If I was to use a remote for my TV that has buttons meant for a DVD player for example, I could use this remote with this product?  I'm thinking specifically the remote for my Sony Bravia TV, it has keys to use with my Sony surround sound.

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