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Harmony 650 inter key delay


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Just sharing my experience since it cost me 2 hours to figure out a proper configuration:

I use an Harmony 650 and a FLIRC receiver to control my computer.

When I switch to the activity "watch a movie", I want my Harmony/FLIRC to do:




in order to activate dual screen on the TV. For that, I added a personnalized sequence to the activity.


The sequence played manually was working fine (thus no pbl of button configuration), but nothing happened when the Harmony was playing it automatically.

I suspected a problem of duration of the IR signal.

=> I changed the "repeat delay" (the cursor value between 0 and 3) of my Flirc-XMBC device in MyHarmony.com

It was 0 by default, I set 2.

Now it's working fine :)


I suppose it's related somewhere, but I flashed my FLIRC with an "inter-key delay" = 6. No idea what is the exact meaning of it though :(



Your thoughts are welcomed if you have a leaner solution ! :P

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Interkey delay as referred to in the advanced section of the flirc GUI is an adjustable setting for the firmware for the spacing in between signals while holding down a button on your remote. If you are rapid firing your button on your remote, and then the button feels like it gets 'stuck' temporarily like are holding the button, then lower this value. I doubt you will get this on the harmony. Those are terrible remotes for rapid firing. You can't adjust this in the harmony one. I don't know about the 650. (for example on my harmony remote, I can press the button 5 times in one second. The remote will output 5 button presses over 5 seconds, it's the most obnoxious piece of shit ever). I told logitech about it.

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Hi Jason,


not sure how far you have gone in MyHarmony interface (yes, it's a nightmare probably designed by a maze architect for alien civilizations), you may know it all already, but there are a few parameters which may lead to the situation you are describing. Each one is "device specific":

- inter key delay: the minimal time between 2 signals, usually 100ms.

- repeat value: corresponds approximately to the "duration of each signal", value between 0 and 3

- power-on readyness: after power-on signal, time before send the next signal, usually 1000 to 4000ms

- input readyness: after changing the input canal of the device, time before send the next signal, usually 500ms

- delay between devices: don't know where to configure this one, but Logitech is describing it as: "each IR signal is received and treated by each device, and ignored if not relevant to the device. After receiving a signal, some devices enter in an analyzing and treating delay, and don't accept furthermore signal during this lapse of time." I think there is a delay added between 2 signals to different devices.


All these can make a sequence very long, according to the various devices involved.

By experience, you can often reduce the inter key delay to 0ms, which decreases drastically the overall delay of a sequence.

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