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flirc won't update firware telling to contact support


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Soon as my flirc arrived I installed the flirc software on the pc (Windows 7) and opened the program but it kept switching between connected and disconected.

After searching the forum I found this topic  I connected to another computer and still happened the same thing.

Afterwards I tried to update the firmware as suggested.

Now the device is recognized as in DFU mode but it doesn't upgrade and shows this message "Could not upgrade firmware . Contact support. "


Hope you guys can help me :)

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The update works, in as much as the flirc is now recognised and stays connected in the GUI.  Great work, thanks Jason.


I've also posted in my original thread, relating to updating the firmware.  Hope this helps you guys out too.

Thanks so much for the acknowledgment, a bit exhausted, so it means a lot.


posting here as well as your original thread, anyone on the release candidate versions will automatically get updated to the correct version with the v1.0.2 release.

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