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Harmony Remote Working at 95% Need some help


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I just purchased a Flirc for my newly installed NUC with OpenElec installed on it. I got everything almost working on the remote. I followed the Beta steps here:




The issue I have is, my old setup on my atv2 was the 'Menu' button on my Harmony 550 would be the 'Back' button. This sounded easy enough to fix, I went into the Harmony application and assigned the 'Menu' button to be the 'Back' button (It wasn't assigned as anything). Updated the remote, but the only way I can get this newly assigned button to work is by going into my harmony remote by pushing the 'Devices' button and selecting the 'Media Center'. It doesn't work by default, so I need to click in there to use these specific XBMC/Flirc buttons and then if I need to control the volume on my amp I need to back out of this menu.


The more I type this up, it may just be a limitation of the Harmony remote or something I'm missing in the Harmony remote setup. I looked through the menus and stuff for it but I can't figure it out.


Any help for some other Harmony remote gurus would be muchly appreciated. Thanks. 

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