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Kodi profile power button needs to send keypress S


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On 1/29/2022 at 6:17 PM, _Shorty said:

Using the power button in Kodi needs to send a keypress of the letter S.  I do not want my machine to power down.  I want to access Kodi's shutdown menu, which you bring up by pressing S on the keyboard.

You can flip from the Kodi profile to the Keyboard profile and train a remote button to enter the S command. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 3.37.20 AM.png

edit: Oh, or are you saying you use that now, but it'd be nice if the Kodi profile did that without needing to switch? If so, fair point. 

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The Kodi profile should be what anyone naturally uses when using this product with Kodi.  It is only logical.  The Kodi profile takes a power button press and tells the computer to do whatever it does when a power button press on the machine happens.  In other words, this usually would make the machine power down.  I am saying this should not be the behaviour in the Kodi profile.  Since it is the Kodi profile it should be using Kodi's shutdown menu instead.  And to use Kodi's shutdown menu it should be sending a keypress of the letter S instead, as that's how you access that menu.  Doesn't matter to me now anyway, as I returned this product as it was not responsive to use, as I recall.  Which made it rather unusable.  Taking over six months to respond isn't very good support, either, by the way, if I did still happen to own the thing.  Got my money back and bought a TV remote sized bluetooth mini keyboard instead and now I use that.  It is trash, but at least it actually works.  Your product would be perfect if it actually worked perfectly, but it was trash in operation.  Sorry, but you should already know that anyway.

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