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Need help programming original MiBox


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Hi all,

I am trying to program URC MX-780 to power up/wake up my original MiBox (manually downgraded back to Android 8.0).

After initial Xiaomi faulty upgrade of their MiBoxes (that made the box unstable and often unresponsive), I went back to using Roku which the MX-780 controls just fine.

However, there is one custom app that cannot be loaded on Roku (Russian TV service that my mother watches).

I was going to throw away the MiBox but found the tutorial on downgrading it back to original FW which worked and now I have fully functioning MiBox.

I managed to upload Xiaomi Hex codes on the MX-780 and the remote controls the box just fine EXCEPT for the "power" command.

The "Power Off" Hex code works just fine but I was unable to get "power ON" command to work.

The same command ("Power ON") works 100 % of the time from the original BT remote.

So I bought a USB Flirc hoping that I will be able to program it to reliably turn On the MiBox.

Unfortunately, it was not the case: I tried programming under Kodi, Shield, Windows (wake command)- nothing worked so far.

Have anyone managed to program gen.1 (original) MiBox to turn On/Off reliably using Flirc?

If yes, what did you do?


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Hi Jason,

spent about 2 hours trying to program the "Power ON" command:


The command worked only for "Power OFF" but not for "power ON" when I programmed the button under Shield G.2 or media Keys controllers.

Interestingly, that the list of IR Hex codes for MiBox contains a Hex code for discrete "Power OFF" that works every time on MX-780  but the Hex code for "Power ON" does not work well at all- it may work one time in 10-20 tries...

Too bad - the MiBox ticks all my boxes otherwise.

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