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Help needed - Using Flirc to map any keyboard key to Harmony Remote


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I'm having a problem that should be simpel to solve. I want to control MPC-BE with my Harmony Companion remote control. I need to use the Full keyboard controller as I need to be able to make key combinations as Ctrl+X, etc. 

If I chose the full keyboard in the Flirc GUI and I chose Manufacturer: Flirc and Device: XBMC as recommended in this support post, I can only chose the "remote control" buttons in the Harmony setup, when I want to map keys to the Harmony remote. What I'm looking for is the ability to map any key from the keyboard to the Harmony Companion remote keys. 

I would be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction. 

Take care, Thor

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So when you are adding the XBMC remote to the harmony, what you are doing is adding predefined remote control signals that are emitted from the remote.

On flirc, these signals are pre-mapped into tables already for you. When one is emitted, it is translated to the appropriate keyboard shortcut for you already.

If you don't like the way any of these existing signals are mapped, you can over-write them. 

Simply open up my pairing application, go to the full keyboard controller, press control+x, and then pair whatever button you want to overwrite. You can select any XBMC signal you aren't using, and if you are using all, add another remote to your activity for another device that doesn't exist in your living room. Like a samsung tv. and then you can add any arbitrary button from that device into this activity, and map that to control + x. If you add a device that exists in your living room, it will respond when you press the button, which is not what you want.

Hope that helps.

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