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Doesn't work with Harmony 665


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Nothing in the way of instructions on how to use this but after reading a few blog posts i think i figured out how Flirc works.

Using Flirc s/w i set it up to use Kodi key mappings. Then with MyHarmony i

  • added Flirc/FireTV (I dont have a fire tv i have an nvidia shield; but someone suggested setting manu as firetv - also tried shield tv)
  • added this new device to my Kodi activity
  • synced remote

When i select Kodi activity the "default keys" work for some things in Kodi; but not everything. If i manually select the Flirc device on the remote then the Kodi key mappings work (more or less; volume doesn't but other keys like the BACK key now works). So it seems like the Flirc device is correctly added to the remote; but i am not able to add this device to my activity.

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Sadly the guide only mentions adding this as a device to the harmony remote.. but it doesn't mention using it in an "Activity"; which i guess, for some reason, doesn't work with the Flirc. :(

I'll try contacting Harmony to see if they know why this doesn't work.

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