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Flakey Flirc Issues?


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Hi -

I have a Flirc connected to a USB port on my 2017 Nvidia Shield TV.

I have seen a somewhat random issue over the last year where - for some unknown reason - most of my button presses on my remote just don't seem to get recognized by the Shield for a period of time. When the problem is occurring, maybe 1 out of 5 button presses gets recognized. Otherwise, nothing. The issue can clear up on its own the next day I use my Shield, but sometimes it doesn't clear away easily.

The IR signal to the Flick is through an IR repeater, and all other IR transmitters connected to that repeater work fine. I even swapped IR repeater transmitters with other working devices, and it had no effect. I also put electrical tape over the IR repeater transmitter glued to the Shield Flirc (to block possible IR reflection interference), and that had no effect, either. I think I can say that the IR repeater is working OK and not a contributor.

Also, I have swapped out the Flirc with a Logitech K400 keyboard / dongle (without rebooting), and the keyboard control of the Shield works perfectly. Plug the Flirc back in, and it can operate squirrelly again. So, the Shield and its USB port is working fine.

I have tried reprogramming the Flirc with a different set of IR signals (from a totally different device) to see if the IR sequence I was using was contributing. The new IR codes randomly showed the same issue. It doesn't appear to be related to the IR sequences I have programmed into the Flirc.

From my diagnostics, about the only thing left in the chain is a flakey Flirc. Has this issue been known to happen with some Flirc dongles? I'm pullin' my hair out, and there wasn't much to start with ...



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