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  1. My first post was 2 months ago, zero replies. Going to try again for a different issue. The FLIRC app on the Raspberry Pi 4B lags badly, it takes more than 7 seconds for actions to execute in the GUI. For the brief moments were you are able to interact normally it works fine.
  2. Have you consider providing an editor for the configuration files? Or add the functionality to Flirc GUI? It helps to understand what's going on while troubleshooting Flirc2 issues. And it would allow users to clean configuration files themselves.
  3. Is your issue related to a 'USB selective suspend' setting?
  4. The dongle is outputting extra characters that are visible on whatever window that's open and accepts input (Lxterminal, Mousepad). Sometimes they appear on button press, other times on button release depending on how quickly you do it. ^[[15;5~ Is there a way to prevent Lxterminal from receiving input since it is not an interactive shell? But more importantly, why can't FLIRC only output the intended characters (Ctrl+F1) and nothing more? Using the latest firmware.
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