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Cannot install Flirc Gen 1 USB driver on Windows 10 & shows as Disconnectedin FLIRC App

Paul Tanner

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been using a FLIRC Gen 1 to enable an old universal remote to control Kodi on my Raspberry Pii for a number of years. I have just replaced my controller with a One For All Essence remote and need to reprogram the FLIRC keys, which I haven't needed to do for a long time. I have connected the Flirc to a Windows 10 Home pc but device manager showed it could not  find the driver. I followed an older forum post to resolve (https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200712548-Using-the-ZADIG-Utility) using ZADIG, which enabled me to install a working driver. However when I install the latest app it shows the FLIRC as being disconnected. I have tried on two different windows 10 PCs now and it is the same on both. Please can you assist? (NOTE: I'm not very techy so may need a more detail instructions or advise than most). Many thanks in advance.  

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So the file Jason linked to above didn't work for me. It said I was missing a .dll. What I did was:

  1. Go to https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc%20GUI/win/ and download the Flirc Setup Old.exe file at the very bottom of the list. (currently last modified 1/13/2021)
  2. Run the installer. It will take awhile to install the driver, but when finished the app should detect your gen 1 Flirc with 1.0 firmware.
  3. In the Flirc app go to Help >> Check for Updates... and install the latest version.
  4. Finally, after the latest version of the Flirc app is installed in the Flirc app go to File >> Advanced >> Force FW Upgrade.
  5. You should be done. My Gen 1 Flirc now has Firmware v3.11.0. 

I know Jason is the admin so he probably knows best, but the steps above are what worked for me.

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Which latest version worked for you? 3.25.3-23 does not see flirc here, only the older version that I have does. This one got it up to 3.11 as well, but wants to upgrade to 3.12, which however never happens, and I´m wondering why this seems not to be happening at your end.

I´m asking because 3.11 seems pretty buggy here, more details at: 


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