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Commands are recorded and appear to be registering, but do nothing on the host device. v2 Dori firmware v4.9.3


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Hi guys,

I'm having an issue with Flirc that I'm struggling to get my head around and would appreciate a little assistance with.

On my HTPC I can record commands ok, however they don't do anything. Stranger still, if I try to erase a command, it tells me 'Button already erased' indicating the command hadn't been recorded after all.

I have tested this with several remotes, always with the same result.

The Flirc device itself is fine. I know this as I can attach it to my laptop and commands record and operate perfectly.


My device is the v2 Dori firmware v4.9.3

The below log is straight after I cleared the config and then recorded the 'Wake' command onto my remote, followed by two presses of the button I had programmed.


Any idea on how I can troubleshoot the issue? I have searched the forums but don't see anything that helps me get to the bottom of this



Wed Oct 28 2020 19:10:16

Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3

Operating System: Windows

*** Device Disconnected ***

*** Device Connected ***

Firmware Version: v4.9.3

SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori]

Git Hash: 0xcb185bde

<3>delete_hash(394): hash not found

<3>delete_hash(394): hash not found





















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what kind of remote is this?

button already deleted is an okay message.I don't have a list of previous buttons once stored, so if I see a button you are trying to delete, and it's no longer on the remote, I tell you, 'it's already been deleted'. Even if it was never recorded.

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