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no help on my previous post??

Sorry, I did look into this but forgot which thread your question was in.

It's weird isn't it, the Back button seems to be an entirely new button. According to the Android emulator "esc" will function as back but i'm assuming that is emulator only.


The other way I can think of is if you can get keyboard.xml into XBMC on android so you can set "esc" to be back also. Not sure how to do this (need a file explorer?) Perhaps you would have more luck asking on the XBMC for android forums (or I can ask for you).

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thanks for the response chris.... yea i checked all the settings,  everything is set up right, its just that one thing thats not working.... i poseted on the odroid and the xbmc forum so we will see what happens. i also might try and get a keystroke recorder on the odroid and see what it records when i hit that back button from the keyboard... ill let you know if i figure anything out... thanks again

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Hi Chris,


over the last few days i noticed the keys running..


So if i click down once it jumps to the bottom...and same for top..


i have not changed anything..



Also i am thinking of ditching the Harmony Remote - its just too slow..is this a remote thing of a Flirc Issue..? 


I have a apple remote i guess i would have to delete the Harmony remote from within Flirc to get this working to test if it works any better?


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Hi again Sam :)


That's strange.

Try going into the harmony software, troubleshooting --> "my remote doesn't send keys, or it sends too many" reduce that to 0

Does that help?


You wouldn't necessarily need to delete the harmony remote keys (although you can do that all in one go by going into the file menu then "clear configuration"). Try adding the apple remote to keys in the flirc software (even if they've previously been programmed to the harmony remote)



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  • 4 months later...

I added a device  PANASONIC TC-P65VT30

assigned all buttons

updated and removed usb cable

ready to use flirc now


but i i have a " watch XBMC" activity. Now  how to i use flirc software to program to be able to use the panasonic tv  with flirc


on the remote

do i choose DEVICES/ PANASONIC TV ..and program it with flirc and then add it to my activity?

or do i add panasonic tv to my activity and then choose" WATCH XBMC" and then program it with flirc software?

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 you've found the XBMC controller preset in the Flirc GUI contains a few errors, some lesser used functions are not present (to simplify it for the user). Using the Keyboard preset in Flirc gui you can match up the command you want from the xbmc keyboard wiki (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard) with the button on your remote.

For example

Exit button on your remote - map to "Esc"

Back button on your remote - map to "backspace"


Hello Chris,


I just got my flirc yesterday and I was trying around with the settings. I experienced the same problem as mentioned above. So I looked up the keyboard shortcuts for XBMC and mapped backspace to back, but when I choose the keyboard layout in the flirc software it says delete instead of backspace. I choose that button, but it doesn't really work.


This is on the native remote of my panasonic tv, because my harmony doesn't work at all. But that has probably something to do with the fact that I set it up entirely in the harmony software. So I probably have to create a new activity in the harmony software to make it work with flirc.


I just signed up on the forum, so I'll look for a thread which explains that! :)

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ok, so I found the topic I will be needing

I downloaded and installed the beta: 

I started the harmony software since I have an older model

I choose Media Center PC, but I also have to choose a Manufacturer and a Model. I filled in XBMC in both positions, but then the harmony software changes it into: Game Console (With DVD), Microsoft, XBox

What should I fill in int those area's to make it work?


thanks in advance :)

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Hey Chris,


I understand, but two things: when I choose the keyboard layout in the flirc software it says 'delete' instead of 'backspace' where you would expect that button to be. And it doesn't take me one level back.

The 'parent directory' button does bring me one level back, but... I can't map 'Prev' on my harmony to that button. It CAN be mapped to another button. But the 'Prev' button on my harmony remote isn't broke or anything, because it does work in other activities like watching tv.


I also have a simple and old model of the harmony by the way.



edit: just found out that also my 'Exit' button on my harmony can't be mapped...

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Ok I tried the tv profile now, but still 'extra' buttons can't be mapped. Just the basic ones.:

- Guide

- Exit

- Menu

- Prev(ious)

- Record

- The arrow keys under the LCD screen

- The keys next to the LCD screen


They all can't be mapped, which is pretty annoying. I now have to put simple functions like previous and exit for example under the colored buttons...

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Have you checked the buttons are mapped to something in the harmony software.


On my harmony remote (300) the profile buttons light up if the key is sending a signal. If they don't light up they can't be programmed in Flirc, often it's just a case of assigning anything to them in the myharmony.com utility

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  • 2 months later...

Wow i see my original post is still holding up...  :)


My daughter has broken my Harmony one remote - and Logitech offered me 35% discount on a new one  :)   (for anyone in a similar situation) you just need to ask them..


thinking of buying this http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/harmony-ultimate?crid=60


anyone know if this will work ok with the Flirc? 

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