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  1. is there a way to map mouse clicks to the flirc? like right and left mouse buttons? or is it just keyboard?..... the right mouse click goes back in xbmc as well....
  2. thanks for the response chris.... yea i checked all the settings, everything is set up right, its just that one thing thats not working.... i poseted on the odroid and the xbmc forum so we will see what happens. i also might try and get a keystroke recorder on the odroid and see what it records when i hit that back button from the keyboard... ill let you know if i figure anything out... thanks again
  3. working very nicely on the odroid-u2 with android ics and xbmc.... still trying to figure out mapping some of the keys but otherwise working well.... have it setup with a harmony 300... sometimes it does double press or lags... but overall its great
  4. i am using the odroid-u2 running android ICS with xbmc latest nightly on it. i have been using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use it and was hoping the flirc would allow me to just use my harmony 300. i almost have it all set up correctly, except.... in xbmc on the android, for some reason, the esc button does not go 'back' or 'home'. i actually went through the entire keyboard and none of the normal keys does that function.... except for one key.... a back arrow.. located above my number keypad. im using the logitech k520 keyboard shown here. what is this key? and is there a way to figure out what its sending to my device so i can somehow map it? i have tried everything else and considering its an important function in xbmc, i need to figure it out. thanks!
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