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  • 3 months later...

Hi all.  Just wanted to give back a little.

I am testing out my new Google TV Chromecast:


I can confirm that it actually works PERFECTLY with the flirc!  I am running with one of these USB C dongles:


That model isnt available anymore but I am sure it would work with most any other similar dongle.  The important thing is that it has the power delivery (PD) port.  You are going to want a really good power supply that is rated for high-amps, like the ones meant for the Raspberry Pi 4 as using the included one or a generic one you might having lying around did not work (the device boots to a power error screen):


I have the power supply plugged into the USB C PD port in the dongle, the flirc in one of the usb ports and an Ethernet cable so I can turn off wifi on the CC.  I then plug the output into the CC.  All is good.

For programming, I am running a URC MX-980 remote and use a generic set of IR codes in its database.  I programmed the "NVIDIA Shield" buttons  which gets me all of the nav control of the included CC remote including u/d/l/r/back/home.  I also programmed the "Full Keyboard" which also works well.  And "Media Keys" also works so you get play/ff/rw/skip+/skip- which are not on the included remote.

I think I found my go-to streaming device!


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  • 3 years later...

Hi @ravichopra.  I have since switched to the MX-990 but with pretty much the same results.

As for the press-and-hold, it has been a while but I seem to remember trying it but not having much luck.  I assume it is a different set of instructions that would have to be sent rather then a simple repeat.  So it is probably something the FLIRC guys would have to add.

But if you do have any luck please let us know.


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