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  1. Is Flirc planning on adding support for the Chromecast 2020? I know it would require an external hub but would be nice to have this option!
  2. I own the Shield TV 16GB 2nd Gen and the Shield TV Pro 2nd Gen (I'm not using the Flirc with the Pro as it has a built-in IR receiver). I struggled for some time to properly set up the Flirc and Harmony 650 but have found a solution that has worked for me. This is what works for me: Run the MyHarmony app. Add the device: Manufacturer: Nvidia Model: Shield The MyHarmony app will ask if it is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Tell it "Yes" and you should see a full array of options for the buttons. Program the MyHarmony remote's activities and buttons as desired. Adjust the Shield TV's "start" activity to include: Shield TV Home command Adjust the Shield TV's "stop" activity to include: Shield TV Back command Shield TV Home command Run the Flirc program in connect the Flirc to be programmed. Under "Controllers" select NVIDIA Shield: Program each of the functions. Under "Controllers" select Kodi: Program all functions other than the Shield functions programmed earlier.
  3. Perhaps the "Play" button and the L & R bumpers. I've side loaded a couple apps that are best used with a cursor so if I had the option to use, for example, the number buttons on my Harmony 650 to control the cursor I wouldn't be so tempted to grab for the controller. The remote functions you've mapped have taken care of what I use most. Thanks again!
  4. This is terrific, Jason! Thank you! Are there any plans to include the Shield Controller?
  5. Doesn't matter what remote you use. You need the Flirc to interpret the commands.
  6. Using the procedure I detailed on the 27th of January I've yet to find an incompatibility. Then again, I'm not using the HBO or Starz apps (thanks to Comcast).
  7. Turns out that the Shield remote's back button DOES work for the Tablo app but I did have to make a modification to the Flirc. Here's what I did to make everything work: On the Harmony Remote (using the MyHarmony software): Attach the Harmony remote.Add the device manufacturer of "Flirc" and the device model number of FireTV (others suggest XBMC or Media Center PC).Rename the device Shield TV.Program your activities.Program the activity buttons and screens to your preference.Sync the remote.On the Flirc (using the Flirc software): Attach the Flirc device. (Note: You may find it necessary to erase come commands.)Under Controllers, select Full Keyboard end record the following commands from your remote into the Flirc:Enter/Return (OK/Select)Windows Key + Enter/Return (Home)Right ArrowLeft ArrowDown ArrowUp ArrowUnder Controllers, select Media Keys and record the following commands from your remote into the Flirc:Play/PauseStopPreviousNextFast ForwardRewindUnder Controllers, select Fire TV and record the following command from your remote into the Flirc:Go Back (ESC/Back)
  8. Will try. Unfortunately, from what I've read elsewhere there is no known keystroke or keyboard combination that equates to "KEYCODE_BUTTON_B". Hopefully Tablo responds with a fix as this would only be a workaround.
  9. I discovered that the Tablo app on Android TV does not respond to the typical "Back" command on the Shield TV. The "Back" button on the Shield's remote does nothing though the "B" button on the Shield game controller does work. Instead of responding to the Android Key Code "KEYCODE_BUTTON_B" the Tablo should respond to "KEYCODE_BACK". I've notified the Tablo company but does anyone have a workaround in the meantime? The family is not keen on having to use a game controller to watch television.
  10. Has there been any progress on this, yet? I am using a Harmony IR remote (the 650) and have the Flirc set up using the Kodi profile. I programmed the Home button in Flirc as it wasn't working correctly in Playstation Vue. All basic functions work properly now EXCEPT on some apps, like Fan TV for example, the "select/OK" button does not work yet it works in most every other place. The spouse acceptance factor is suffering!
  11. There is a thread on Reddit about this topic. One person wrote that he has tried the Flirc with the Nvidia Shield TV (2015) and was "plug-n-play". Would appreciate it if someone from Flirc could confirm.
  12. I am brand new to this forum and have not read any postings of yet but wanted to share my experience using the Flirc with the Fire TV and Harmony 650. Some time ago I purchased an Amazon Fire TV and Flirc USB primarily to use with the Playstation Vue service. While I was very familiar with the Harmony 650 there were no instructions with the Flirc so it was an exercise in discovery to figure out how to program the remote to work with it. When adding a device to the Harmony remote you need to give it a brand and then a model number. After some experimentation, I learned that I needed to enter a brand of "Flirc" and a model number of "Fire TV". Once I programmed my activities and customized my buttons and screens all was good! A couple weeks later I purchased another Amazon Fire TV and Flirc. I went through the same procedures but found that everything worked except the "Home" button. I then tried using the "problem remote" with the older Fire TV and it worked fine. I then put the new Flirc in the older Fire TV and it would not recognize the "Home" button! I downloaded and installed the Flirc software on my computer and looked for a firmware update. Buried under Advanced in the Flirc software I found the option to force a firmware update. I noted that both Flircs were at firmware version 3.6. I updated the new Flirc to 3.8 and the "Home" button worked! I then updated the older Flirc for good measure. Hope this helped someone!
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